Sunday, 27 November 2011

Home Alone

Yep and that means pajama day. Mark and Chad have gone down to Ballito to take scooters down to the shop they are opening down there. Whenever they go away and I am alone at home, Saturdays end up being PJ day. I stay in bed the whole day!! I make all these plans to get things done that I don't normally do, like today I was meant to catch up with all my filing, but that never happened. The day just goes so fast that when I next look at the time, it is passed lunch time so why bother to get dressed.

Shame they really had a rough night and trip down to Ballito. Mark took so many scooters down to start stocking up the showroom. The bakkie (LDV) was packed and he had a trailer packed with scooters and bikes. His trailer is still in Ballito, it was left there when Keith had to bring back one of the beach buggies, so Mark used his cousin's trailer and the wheel bearing seized at midnight as they were leaving one of the Ultra Cities, were they stopped to fuel up. Fortunately it was there and not on some deserted stretch of the highway. Mark looked in his side mirror and saw the wheel was not right and stopped. I don't know the whole story, just what Chad told me. He told me a whole long story, but never told me everything. If that makes sense! You have to know Chad to know what I am getting at :)

Mark was not going to go with, Keith normally does the trips down to the coast these days, but Mark decided to go with, because it was a lot of stock going down. I threw an almost tantrum, because I really did not want them going and leaving me alone at home, because I am feeling ill still and last weekend I was alone in hospital. We also need to bath the dogs and I just cannot bath four of them myself. Pluto and Jingles are fine, but Piggy is so heavy to lift in and out the bath, especially when her coat is water logged and Spike misbehaves when I bath him.  When Mark baths him, he says jump and Spike hops in the bath, when I bath him, I have to coax, lift and force him in and then battle to keep him in. I am just not taking the chance to lift one of them and tear open my wound. Strangely, it is on my neck and you would not think that using your arm would pull on it, but it does. Even working on my PC the whole day yesterday, battling to get my Vat recon done and the Vat paid before 16h00 took a lot of strain on the wound and my neck.

So I had my little almost tantrum about Mark going with and then he said he won't go and I said he better go, because if something goes wrong and anything happens to the scooters he will have lost that money - oh and it would be my fault. Wow I am so glad that he did go. Imagine Keith breaking down on his own with all that stock and he might not have noticed anything wrong with the trailer. Mark is very vigilant and alert when he travels long distance. This is not the first time he has had a trailer wheel bearing seize on a long trip. He rented a trailer to take a tractor to Bella Bella (Warm Baths) that is another story for another time. He looked in the review mirror and saw sparks flying in the road and the wheel had siezed. That time it happened on the side of the road, just near the Toll Booth. Strangely, Gavin said he must take a spare wheel with, because the trailer does not have one, in case they have a flat and breakdown on the side of the road. OK the spare wheel did not help, but was all this a premonition of doom and gloom. Chad also could not make up his mind whether to go or stay and changed his mind about 100 times and finally decided ten minutes before they left that he was going to go. They left just after Isidingo started, so it was about 19h40 when they left. Not a good time to leave for the coast. They were going to leave at 2am, but then decided to have an early start.

They ended up sleeping at Ultra City where the truckers park and sleep. I spoke to them just after 23h00 and they had 200km's still to go. I was tired and told them I was going to sleep. I just could not stay awake any longer. Shame and not even an hour later they broke down. Chad and Mark drove around Escourt, a tiny little town at 5am looking for a place to have the wheel bearing fixed. Well they had to buy bearings, but some part needed engineering work done to it. I have no idea what that involved - I am clueless!! I may have been working for a mechanical workshop for more than ten years, but I still don't have any knowledge of working parts of a car/trailer/bakkie.

Chad says everyone in Escourt works for Nestle and everyone was still drunk this morning. Life in a small town!!!!. One man they stopped to ask where they could have the wheel sorted said I have to get to work at Nestle and I am still drunk so I can't talk to you. Can you imagine, Chad thought that was hilariously weird. They left Keith at Ultra City with the trailer and scooters whilst they went hunting for a bearing place or garage. They eventually found one, but then had to wait for some man who could only get there at 8 to do the engineering work on it. Oh and guess what, Mark the mechanic, had no tools with him. Story of his life!! He never takes tools with, so he had to buy a small tool set, because he needed a spanner for the wheel or bearing.

The finally left the Ultra City at about 11 am and continued their trip. They arrived at about 13h00. Mark was supposed to phone as soon as he arrived, but never did as usual and Chad phoned me at about 14h00, to fill me in. At least they are safe and arrived with no further mishap. Now the trip back tomorrow and they have to bring both trailers back. This long distance business thing of Mark's is getting a bit too stressful and never mind the added expense. Is it worth it??? I don't really think so!!!

My face is still swollen and sore. I finally felt the stitches in my cheek. I don't know why I have not noticed them before, but they are dam sore. Well the area around the stitches is sore. My ear is also still sore. I am sure I have damaged something inside my ear. It is very painful and gets so itchy. I am hoping that it being itchy means it is healing. My chin and lower part of my cheek is also very numb, but sore. Doesn't make sense at all!!!

Well that is my Saturday. Going to go have a sleep now or try and sleep. I tried all morning to no avail.

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