Thursday, 17 November 2011

Insanity Knocking At My Door....

Yep, the pain from this tooth abscess is slowly, but surely driving me insane. I am about to hit my head up against the wall, it is just so unbearable. The antibiotics have made no difference and my last dose is at 11am today. I have been taking panamor again, because they are the only pills that seem to help, if I take them with panado. It takes about 30 minutes for the pain to go away, not totally away, but to a dull ache, then an hour later, the pain is back and so intense. All these pain pills are making me feel ill and I feel pretty awful today, weak, lame and sore.

I was meant to have the tooth pulled yesterday, but the dentist phoned and said she has no electricity and has to reschedule to Friday at 14h00. I am so mad. I know it is not her fault that the power is down, I am mad at the universe, at fate, at whoever. actually I am mad at myself for not going to the dentist when my filling came out. I am also mad at the dentist, because I asked her receptionist if she could please fax me a prescription for stronger pain tablets, because the celebrex does absolutely nothing and taking panado and panamor every two hours is not good at all. I try and try to go without pain tablets, but I just can't. The pain is excruciating. I wake up at night gasping for air and choking, with the worst pain you can imagine. I think it is so bad, because there is no end to it. It is just continuous for a week now and nothing relives it. My throat and ear is also excruciatingly sore. The worst is I cannot eat properly and yes that should be great for my weight, but I am eating stuff that does not have to be chewed. Anything that can melt in my mouth or needs no chewing and the only stuff that does not have to be chewed is junk foods, like chips, biscuits and sweets. I have been trying to eat dinner. It takes an hour to eat a small plate of food and it is mostly swallowed whole. Yuck!! I know. I think the abscess has caused an infection in my jaw, as I can't open my mouth wide enough to even get a spoon or fork in it. Who knows how the dentist is going to work in my mouth, which makes me even madder with her, because she just won't fax a prescription. I take back what I said the other day about her being such a nice person.

Anyway, I have made an appointment with my GP for this morning, so she can give me something and probably another antibiotic. I am taking Chad to the GP as well. The skin on his hands is peeling off and not a tiny bit, like dry hands, but all over his hands. I need to find out what could be causing it. We have now forced him to drink water. That child simply refuses to drink water and NEVER drinks water. I have been fighting with him all his life about not drinking water and how dangerous it is, but he gags when I force him to drink it and starts throwing up. He believes he is allergic to water - have you ever???? This week he has had a 500ml bottle of water everyday and we watch him drink it. You would swear I am forcing him to drink caster oil or poison. I have told him about getting diabetes, kidney failure and having dialysis every day for the rest of his life and that you die from kidney failure, but to no avail. For some reason the peeling of the skin on his hands has jolted him a bit and he has had the 500mls. At 14, we should not be fighting with him to drink water - that is just absurd, but what do you do when someone gags and throws up after drinking it. He also perspires terribly, especially on his head and face and I have told him it is because his kidneys work over time from no water in his body. He drinks lots of cold drink and it is really bad for him, but to get Mark to stop buying cold drink is another story. He believes that because he hardly drinks alcohol he can buy cold drinks. Drinking cold drink is better than drinking alcohol - true, but why drink either of it everyday.

And doesn't this picture below just say it all :-D. Someone posted it on Facebook and it really applies to my journal/blog/journey. Now I need to tidy up the house, Sheila is not here today, then it is time to fetch Chad from school, go to the doctor then go to work. I have so much work to do and just don't get it done, now that I am going into work and not working from home. Too many interruptions and doing things I don't normally do. OK and I should not be updating my blog, I know that, I should be working now, but I needed the panando to take effect, because driving Chad to school I was in so much pain. It is actually affecting the way I drive and that is a serious problem for me and a total No-No, which is the reason why I came straight home and made an appointment with the doctor, in the hope that she can give me something that will help the pain, take the abscess away and not make me feel drained and tired. I am a total sleep deprived zombie at the moment and could easily go curl up on the couch and I bet, I would fall into such a deep sleep, just because I can't sleep now, but come tonight I will be wide awake and as soon as I eventually fall asleep, I will be woken to incredible pain or choking or both.
So that's it for today!!
Have a great day,

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