Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Where is my Breakfast?????

Well Chad starts his exams tomorrow and I am already pulling my hair out in frustration and impatience. It looks like I will be going back to working from home and Mark won't have me to run his office anymore, well that is until holidays start. I left Chad sleeping when I went to work, after instructing him last night that today is not a holiday, but a school day, meant for studying. He had to be ready with books out by 8am, because school starts at 8am. As usual I softened and thought he could sleep late and start at nine. Just before 9am, I received a text message from him with this image.

 Miss Piggy sitting at the dining room table, on a chair. Thank heavens we never use our dining room table for the purpose it was meant for. We use it for everything else, except for dining!!!! Now we have a Bull Dog sitting at the table waiting for her breakfast. That is Chad studying!!! Well now it is time to waddle off into the kitchen to make dinner, which is going to be late as usual. The one thing I really despise doing on a daily basis is cooking. Then it will be back to nagging Chad to study and asking questions to which he does not know the answers to.

Have a great evening

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