Friday, 25 November 2011

YAY School Is Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes!! the school year is over finally and at last. We made it through the first year of high school, now the wait for the results!! We can only collect the reports on the 7th or 10th of December, I need to double check the date on old newsletters. All we need is to forget to go and fetch his report. The wait and suspense is rather hectic, for me that is. Chad doesn't seem to have a care in the world. I hope he passed and if I go according to his "I owned that exam" everyday then I think we OK. The only exam he found very difficult was Natural Science and he failed this term's class mark for it, but the teacher told him the other day that he did very well in his exam, she was pleasantly surprised at his mark. She did not give him the mark, but said it was above 50%. Only 3 children in his class passed the Science exam, so he is very chuffed with himself and I am very proud and relieved. Now the start of the two month holiday begins, well it began at 09h15 this morning. His last exam Life Orientation was only an hour long, so he just arrived at school and then it was time to go home. He said the LO exam was very easy and Mrs K also told them it would be very easy, they just had to read over their work once.

Spike was very happy that I took Chad to school this morning. When I arrived at home after dropping Chad off at school, he never even waited for me to say "come play", he went hunting for his toy, found a broken one and went dashing into the back so we could play. I really did not feel like playing, but put in a half- hearted effort just to please the poor boy. He missed our morning games this week. I was so scared the wound would rip open whilst he was pulling and tugging. He loves grabbing his toy and I have to hold on and play tug-of-war with him, but I could feel it pulling on my wound so stopped doing that.

I was amazed this morning after I took the dressing off and had a shower, the wound has healed so nicely, even Mark was shocked, from that gaping wound on Sunday to almost completely closed now, just a tiny bit at the end is still open and it is still oozing, but that is to be expected. I just hope the inside is healing just as nicely, because I am still feeling ill. After fetching Chad from school, we went to Northgate to sort out his bank account and to Hypermarket to buy a couple of things and when we got home I felt light headed, in pain and terrible actually. I had to have a lie down and take pain pills. I am hoping I feel much better tomorrow as I need to get back to work.

We have had so much rain again, it bucketed down yesterday and again today, the pool is flooded, the pond is flooded and the garden is just one big muddy mess, especially the area where Spike and Miss Piggy play, the grass has always been terrible in that area, it is more weeds than grass and with two hooligans racing up and down what grass there was has now gone and with the rain there is mud. Now they go slip sliding in the mud!! They have to be bathed this weekend, so I have to feel better. Last weekend they missed out on their bath, because of being sick and in hospital and now they desperately need a bath.

Well that's all


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