Friday, 30 December 2011

Midnight Meringues

On Thursday I bought a new electric beater. Chad wanted me to make meringues, which I have never made before, other than the time I baked the chocolate cake with meringue filling - Disaster Day. My mixer does not beat the eggs properly and that was my excuse for not making them, until we went shopping on Thursday and Chad saw an electric beater and told me to buy it so I could make him meringues. So I bought it. He asked when I was going to make them and I put him off on Thursday. Then on Friday after shopping, cleaning the house, cooking and doing the dishes, I sat down in the lounge with him and he asks again.

There was nothing to watch on TV, but still tried to get out of it, because it was late, almost 9pm and I said that it takes two hours in the oven. He figured the movie he was watching would finish at 11pm, which would be perfect timing, so I agreed. Shame at least he appreciates my baking efforts!! Being mentally drained and exhausted I did not take into account the prep time or the actual baking. The two hours was after they had baked for 45 minutes. I only realized that half way through making them.

I used the recipe from the Disaster Day chocolate cake, which you can find over here. I am not going to type it out here, because I don't want any copyright issues, but I am sure (hopefully) the author won't mind the link. The recipe is really simple - time consuming beating the eggs, but really easy. They mixture looked so good.

I tried piping them in a piping bag, but creativity and patience I lack. It was messy and just too time consuming, so I just spooned it into the baking tray, popped them in the oven, set the timer and went to watch TV. Well they burnt a bit and came out beige instead of white. I am not a baker, but I keep trying, so I guess I get points for trying. I switched the oven off at 22h05, so the cooling time would end at 00h05. We watched the movie, I cleaned the kitchen, had a bath and by then it was 23h50. I was going to wait until exactly 00h05, but I just could not. You know how 5 minutes seems like 5 hours when you are waiting and doing nothing - well when you are tired and your feet are burning from being on them all day - that was me and I took them out ten minutes too early. I covered them and went to bed. my creativity might not be good, nor my presentation, but they tasted good - even the gooey filling inside. Yep, the ten minutes made a big difference, but they were edible and that is what counts I guess. I will make them again, just not late at night when I am tired and I would recommend the recipe.

Slowing Down To A Fast Paced Hectic Stressful Holiday

December is supposed to be the holiday season, where we all slow down, take a break, relax and regroup for the New Year. So why is it so busy hectic and stressful. Everyone rushing here, rushing there, the Malls are crowded, people fighting, shouting, shoving - I hate it. The schools are closed, aftercare centers, nursery schools, creches are all closed by the 16th, nannies and domestic workers leave for their home towns on the 16th, so most people go on leave then as well. Most industries except for retail close up on the 15th, although granted these past few years many small businesses keep going until the 23rd or 24th, then after that there is no business. Just a mass exodus to the coast or other holiday destinations. The beaches are over crowded, the amusement  parks overcrowded - everything just crowds, crowds,crowds. With the mass exodus to the coast and records of over 1000 cars going through the Toll Plaza's an hour on the 16th and then even more on the 23rd you would think the shops here would be quiet - not a chance!! Fighting over parking, trolleys, shoving; pushing; grabbing - the silly season! No I would rather term it as the mad season and not in a fuzzy way, but in an insane, ugly, stupid way. People dying on the roads, due to arrogance, stupidity and lawlessness. People getting drunk and stabbing and shooting each other to death. What is so festive and relaxing about that?

Now This Is Slowing Down!!!

Work was also so hectic. Mark closed on the 23rd, I worked until the 22nd around lunchtime, then braved the Malls. He was so busy and short staffed. Everyone booking their cars in at the last minute, wanting it finished yesterday, like he just sits there waiting for them and they are his only customer. Truth is Mark does treat his customers like they are his only customer. He gives them personal service and treats them like royalty and like they are the only person that comes to him to have their car fixed. He goes out of his way for them, goes the extra mile, does little extras and yes it is a good thing. That is why most of his customers have stayed with him for 14 years and have followed him each time he has moved. Moving was beyond his control and not because he wanted to move and he has moved far from his original base, but they still drive the 20 odd kilometers to have their cars fixed or serviced. One guy came there the other day and he now lives in Carltonville. OK, so I don't even know where that is. I had to Google it for interest sake - it is like 90 Km's away!! To have his wheel bearings fixed - wow. He won't go anywhere else. The bad thing about the way he treats his customers is in that they expect him to be available at the drop of the hat, think they can bring their cars in at the last minute, because their's is the only car he fixes and it is very stressful and hectic. The other problem is like the guy from Carltonville was R170.00 short. He had "no money" in his account, no credit card and no other cash. So what can Mark do after him saying Mark is the only person he will use and telling me that he drives from Carltonville. All he says is OK, don't worry and gives the guy a discount. Quite a few customers think I am a new employee, because I work from home and have not worked there for about ten years, just come in now and again.  Another woman comes from near Bella-Bella, which is far, 160km's away. They don't come often, but they drive far enough. She also thought I was a new employee, going on and on about Mark and was so embarrassed when she found out who I was. His customers are sort of possessive about him and know him so well, better than his "receptionist" and have known him longer than his "receptionist" It is quite funny actually. What gets me is that customers will come and pay cash, get the invoice and round the amount off to the lowest hundred. So many do that and say I am sure you don't need the R80.00 or the R40.00, it makes me so mad. Where else can you do that??? If you go to a supermarket or any other big company and you are five cents short, you have to put something back. I have often been behind someone at Pick 'n Pay and they are 50 cents short and need to put something back and I just give the person the money, whether it is 50 cents or R5.00, but when you are paying the owner like Mark it is the norm to say "Oh I am sure you don't need the R80.00. And of course he has had the odd customer from hell, he has lost some gained some and has been screwed over by lots, usually ones that he has helped over and over then they don't pay and disappear.

A Dog's Life

So the last month has been very busy, actually the last two months, but the last two weeks more than ever. Yesterday, was the first day that I had nothing to do. Alone at home, Mark and Chad are in Ballito, so it is just me here. I don't have to clean or cook and I am not even doing the ironing. I did the washing and did some more today - catching up from the weekend and the rain, but it is all folded waiting to be ironed one day soon.

I was so bored yesterday and today, just eating and eating the time away. I have nothing to read. I don't read books anymore, but I don't even have a magazine to read and it is too much effort to go buy one.  I went to the shops yesterday to buy milk and smokes, but did not think to buy a magazine. There are no movies to watch on TV and I also don't feel like watching TV, so all I do is eat eat eat. Terrible!!!!!!!

I am too tired to care

Just now I went to lie in the sun by the pool. After my last Blog post I was feeling emotional, sad and drained. So I made my self something to eat, put my costume on and went to lie by the pool. Not even a half an hour later, there was a huge angry black cloud above me and then drops of rain. I had to dash to get the washing off the line and then huge drops of rain came down, but I was so hot from lying in the blazing sun that was there a few minutes ago that I jumped into the pool and had a quick swim, before the lightning and thunder started. Now it is dark outside, with far off rumblings of thunder, but no rain. The huge rain storm lasted two minutes.
The end of my tanning

Now I think I will channel surf and see if there is something to watch on TV, maybe blog about something else later. My mind is full of stuff - I tell you!! An afternoon nap would be the answer, but then I can't sleep at night and this house has the worst ever creepy noises at night - when I am alone. As it is I stay up until very late to avoid lying there listening to creepy sounds and bangs, so an afternoon nap is not in order.

So 'til later...............

Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Spiritual Healer

On the 16th of December I went to see a Spiritual Healer - Again. I have been to her before, last year in October (as in 2010 last year). She lives in the Cape, but comes up here often to do readings. I am not posting her name or any links to her website here, because I don't want my life connected to her in anyway, if she does a search or anyone else.

I have been to a few Spiritual Healers and some I have been to more than once. One was a total charlatan, yet she uses a well known radio station and magazine as a reference. How do I know she is definitely a charlatan and not the others? Well I just do!! The whole vibe, plus the things she said and did was convincing enough to know that she is a con-artist. I went there once and left knowing she had just conned me out of a fair amount of money.

Another one I went to was a semi-charlatan. I went there twice, and am not sure about her. She does crossovers at a Spiritual Fayre (not a spelling error) that they have around Gauteng. The reason why I went the second time was because it was during the time of the court case against the person who killed Clint and I really needed to connect with him. The second time I left convinced, that although she is well known in that community, she is not genuine and draws or tries to draw information out of the person and what she said to me had no meaning to my life or Clint's life.

The reason why I go to Spiritual Healers is because I am always searching for answers. I need to know that there is life after death, I need to know that I will see Clint again one day and most of all I need to connect with Clint. I am a very black or white person, there is no grey areas with me. I have to actually see something to believe it. I am like that in everything in life. I don't just like something or dislike something or someone just because someone else says it is good or bad. I have my own opinions, make my own decisions and never follow anything blindly, based on hearsay or someone else's opinion. It can be a good or bad personality trait, but the fact remains it is my personality trait - that is who I am. I get so angry when people say going to Spiritual Healers is wrong or evil. There is nothing evil about Clint, there never was and never will. So trying to connect to him and have some sort of communication with him is far from evil, obsessive or wrong. Anyone who claims to be spiritual and who prays to a spiritual being must also be evil if they believe that trying to connect to someone who is dead is evil. The fact that I am not even sure if there is any truth in Spiritual Healing is besides the point. It is not evil, just like praying to a being that you cannot see or touch or hear is not evil in the eyes of believers. I will respect anyone's belief system as long as they respect mine. If you don't respect mine I won't respect yours - that is how it is. Most of those who say it is evil and wrong live the most immoral lives and then preach about what is right or wrong.

Back to the Spiritual Healer - I am not going to write (type) about everything she said. It is personal and has nothing to do with anyone, strangely it is those very personal things that are very convincing. The stuff about my feelings - my mourning that only I know that convinces me that she is genuine. I was very emotional this time and just cried and cried throughout the session. I don't cry when I go to Spiritual Healers. My voice might fill with emotion, but there are no tears, no sobs nothing and I say very little, mainly nod or stare into space. I try to give very little away. The only other time that I sobbed and cried was the very first time I went to one.

I was scared, nervous, very unemotional and it was 10 months after Clint died that I went. This woman did clairvoyant readings and crossovers. I am not sure of her definition of the difference between the two, but for the crossover you bring a photo of the person you want to connect to. The others you go there and anyone one from "the other side" connects and can be more than one person. So I guess that is the difference with her readings too. I sobbed and cried uncontrollably through out the session. I did not like the woman at all, yet could still not control my emotions. The things she said had no meaning, yet afterwards, some of the things she said had meaning to Clint's life, his friends and my life. She was a very strange woman, not welcoming in anyway and I just did not gel with her. I was trying to find answers and going to her did not help.

The second person I went to and the one that I have been to often, was a lady that Gavin, Mark's business associate/friend told him about, who he believed was very good. I had tried to go to her before, but could not get hold of her. At the time her husband was dying of cancer and then died. After going to the first one, Mark called the other one and went to see her. He told me she was good and told me everything she said and I made an appointment to see her. He now does not believe in going to them, because some of the things she said never happened, the opposite did, but he respects my decisions to go and even pays for the sessions most of the time. Mark is the only person who respects my beliefs, not only about Spiritual Healers, but when it comes to god and religion etc. He has his beliefs and understands why I feel the way the way I do and respects my beliefs and does not try and convince me of his beliefs or try and change the way I feel and everyone should be like that if they want me to respect theirs. Back to her - he told her far too much about is life and what he was doing and planning and as far as I am concerned whether it is true or not, Clint or whoever connected with him can't see into the future and going there is not to find out your future, but to connect to the present.

I went to see this lady and did not tell her how I found out about her. I did not want to tie Mark and I together, because then she would know about my life. I told her nothing, I nodded sometimes or said straight out no, if she said anything that had nothing to do with Clint or my life. I went ice-cold when she told me in detail about Clint's accident and the night at the hospital and apparently Mark said nothing to her about how Clint died or anything about the hospital. I was very convinced......

Then the doubt was back.......... We spoke about everything she said and there were a few things that she could have picked up from what Mark and said. It was very easy to tie us together without me saying anything. Two new clients or whatever they call the people they see and a young boy that died. She said Clint had died three times before actually dying. The first time was when he was flung in the air, but wanted to say good bye to us and came back. How did she know that? From Mark saying his son died in a motorbike accident. He says he didn't, but I am sure he dis. Mark is a man of few words and forgets the details of anything. She said that three people pulled up in a blue car, the people he was waiting for - that was Chad, Mark and I, she knew we had another child from Mark's session. We did get their in a blue car, Mark's blue car, but then Mark pointed out I drove a blue car, she saw it parked outside - she just did not know that coincidentally we had another blue car, which convinced me. My car, because it was a different shade of blue never crossed my mind. Pulling up to where Clint was lying is constantly on my mind, it was then and even now I see it clearly in my mind. are they mind readers???

The other thing that really made me go ice cold was her saying Clint only had one shoe on. Clint's shoe was found by someone, it flew off his foot and so did his gloves. On the road where he was hit, he was flung from the the right hand lane, across two lanes into a fence. His bike landed in the road in the opposite direction to what he was travelling, he hit a fence and landed on the pavement. Behind that fence was a steep incline and there was a road far down below. His shoe landed there and people who lived in that street way down below brought is shoe up. My poor child so badly injured was just worried about where his shoe was, his glasses and his cellphone. That for me was so real - how could she know? Mark never goes into detail about what happened and gets angry and upset when I do, something I did all the time - rehashing every minute and every detail - waiting for the happy ending to the story - but there never will be - that he lived. Then Mark pointed out that it is a fact that in most "accidents" and I use that word very loosely, because they are not accidents- shoes come off the victims/injured. Other people have told me that too - at "accident" scenes, you will almost always find the injured without shoes on. I did not know that - she might have. Clint's glove caught on to the fence that he hit. someone found it there - proper motorbike gloves that clip closed at the wrist.

The third thing that put doubt in my mind, there are lots more, but these are the main ones - there are also lots of things she said that she could not have known about - things that don't cast doubt in my mind, but the three main things are these. A friend at the time, I don't see or speak to her anymore - you know the saying people are in your life for a season or a reason - well she was in my life for a reason and a season. I have mentioned her before - her brother died of cancer at the age of 18. She went to see this woman and then all the doubt came tumbling down like a ton of bricks. When this woman described "T's" brother ( I am not mentioning her name, because of my previous post where I mentioned her) she described Clint. Down to the clothes that he was wearing. The clothes that she said Clint was wearing on the day he died was exactly the same as what he was wearing - I guess most teenage boys where jeans and a T-Shirt, although she specified the colour of the shirt and that it was a golf shirt, which was correct - BUT "T's" brother was in hospital, he was not wearing clothes and had been in hospital for awhile so the clothes did not apply to him. Also that he did not have shoes on - well lying in a hospital bed, you wouldn't have shoes on. Since then someone, a Body Talk Therapist" told me that perhaps there was some connection between that woman's brother, her, Clint and I. I had also felt that their was some weird connection - the reason why I say she was in my life for a reason and a season. Not going down that road!!! I went back to this Spiritual Healer a lot since then, until I felt she knew me too well.

You may be wondering why I keep going back if I don't believe and doubt so much. Well I will be searching for answers for the rest of my life - for answers and a connection to Clint.

There was also a lot of doubt when I went on the 16th, but somethings made me believe. The one thing she asked is what is the story about the motorbikes. I asked present or past and she said present and I said, Clint died on a motorbike. I was a lot more open, thinking if I am there to get a message, I can't get it if I hold back and say nothing. She said it is definitely present - am I riding a bike? Have you ever!!! according to what she said - Clint thinks it is a very bad idea that Mark has started this business selling bikes. It is not going to go well - there is a lot of dishonesty and he is going to lose money - but I know that already. I do and there is and he is!!!! But Mark won't listen - never does and always gets screwed over and it is happening. Clint also knew that then. Can she read minds - maybe she can. Mark said it was a load of rubbish - I said if she had said it was a good idea then it would not be rubbish - He said well you never went there for that!!! True but still - take the warning and do something about it.

She also said Clint will definitely be with me this Christmas. Well Mark and I were fighting so much and it just got worse and worse on Christmas Eve. I was putting flowers in Clint's garden, doing them in the kitchen and Mark gave into the kitchen to throw something in the bin. Now that in itself was strange/weird/unheard of. Him getting up from the couch to throw something away. I felt this urge to go up to him; hug him and apologize. Weird - we hardly ever apologize, we fight - end up talking because we have to - move on fight over. Whether it is after an hour of fighting, a day, days on end or weeks. The urge was so strong, but I fought it, because for one I was not entirely to blame or entirely in the wrong - I never started it. This urge to apologize probably spanned a couple of minutes - maybe seconds, but felt like forever. Him hovering around the kitchen, me being almost pushed towards him to apologize - make friends. I was fighting myself - fighting the urge to say sorry. I knew we would talk to each other and be civil on Christmas day and not ruin it for Chad, so why say sorry when I was not entirely in the wrong and never started the war. It was the most powerful force and strangest feeling and I did. I went up to him, said please lets stop fighting, hugged him, sobbed and cried and apologized. He accepted my apology, but did not apologize to me, which I knew would not happen and after that I just could not stop crying. I carried on doing the flowers, crying, Chad came and hugged me and asked if I was OK and what was wrong, I sat in Clint's garden sobbing until a calm came over me. Was it Clinton telling me to be the better person, to stop fighting, to say sorry - that is what Clint would have done, it was so typical of him!! Was it my imagination - I don't know - I will never know!!

So am I going to carry on seeing Spiritual Healers - YES - most definitely - I will search for answers and for a connection to Clint forever and nothing and no one  will ever stop me.

Without YOU.............

Who would have thought all those years ago, when life was simpler - tragedy free, heartache free, grief free; trauma free, the list goes on and on and on............., that I would be buying flowers and candles for my precious boy for Christmas at the age of 22. If you had told me that then I would never have believed it.....

My Sweet Little Boy

I would not have believed it when it was his last Christmas with us, I would not have believed it the day before he died; not the second before he took his last breath. I still cannot believe it almost 5 years later and it might be almost 5 years, but it feels like yesterday. The pain is still as fresh as the day he died, just real now.

Chad; Michael & Clint - Christmas 2006

Added to the guilt and tragedy, grief and sadness, I have very few photos of Clint when he was older. Tons and tons of when he was little. All in albums, the times before digital photography and social networks. Then he got older was less into posing for the camera, in fact he became camera shy, just like me and more accurately, before I realized that photos were so important. When we took photos of the scenery, of places of things on our holidays, instead of photos that would mean everything, photos that would be all I have left. Oh and of course the robbery we had, where they stole the few memories I did have.

Dec 2006

Now we are left with memories etched in our minds and flowers and candles and heartache and tears. Clinty you are missed more than words can describe. You have left a hole in our hearts, our lives, our every waking and sleeping moment. I love you my dearest sweetest angel.

Christmas Lights In Clint's Garden

Candy Cane Lights

Candy Cane Christmas Lights
The other day we went shopping and Mark saw these Christmas lights and bought them for Clint's garden. We all buy things for Clint, for his garden, in the hope that it makes us feel better, that he is still here with us. I know that wherever he may be, he appreciates what we do for him. I know that without having to go to Spiritual Healers, I know that because Clint was always grateful for everything he had, always appreciated everything he got and everything we did for him, no matter how small and he always looked after his stuff and took care of everything he had.

Candles Burning In His Garden

Christmas Eve

His Garden - Christmas Eve 2011

That is all I have left; that is all I can do for my precious special child. Light candles; place flowers in his room and his memorial garden and sit and cry in his garden and wish for just one thing, that I can turn back the clock to the day he had his accident. Just one wish that is all I ask for - that the day he died never happened. That my special good kind and loving boy was still here with us. Is that too much to wish for???

The Same Candle That Has Been Burning, Every Birthday, Christmas & Memorial Day

We Love & Miss YOU So Much CLINTY

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Christmas Eve, after I had cleaned the house, which I only did at night. After fighting the queues at the crowded malls and fighting with Mark (that is a blog for another time) I had no energy or time to clean during the day. So after baking some crunchies, then doing the flowers for Clint's garden and sitting in his garden with  candles burning. It was very emotional and I just sobbed and sobbed. After awhile and after getting hugs from Mark and Chad, I found the energy to clean the house.

 Chad was very anxious to open his presents. He gave us a list of what he wanted and for some reason this year he could not wait to see what he got - probably because he is getting older now!! I had also told him that when we were older, we stayed up and opened our presents at midnight and he decided that he was staying up until midnight.

Mark did not think it was a good idea and was about to go to bed at around ten thirty, then decided not to, because I asked him why he was not staying up with us. By then I had agreed that Chad could open one present. We never waited until midnight though. At eleven, Chad could not wait any longer and we decided to toast each other with a shooter and open one present each. Chad fetched the shooters that Mark had bought and yes, bad mother that I am, I let Chad have a shooter as well.

In the end we opened all our presents. I was not going to open mine, because I only had two under the tree and Mark and Chad's presents were all wrapped separately, Mark also did not want to open his but Chad is very convincing.

And as always our animals are around us ................... wouldn't have it any other way!!!

I told Chad that he is going to be disappointed in the morning when he wakes up and has no presents to open, but he said he won't be. It beats waking up at 5, I guess!! After we had opened all the presents, Mark went to bed, I went to bath and Chad watched his DVD of Jeff Dunham. He did not like the DVD at first. We also bought him Hangover 2, Mark's choice, but he was disappointed in both of them. Disappointing gifts will be for another time!!! We also gave him a PS3 game, some F1 racing game he wanted, another controller for his PS3, but it was a plug & play one and he wanted a Wi-Fi one. I don't remember him saying he wanted a Wi-Fi one and did not even know you got two different ones. I just asked the salesman at Incredible Connection for one for a PS3 and that is what he gave. We also bought him a wallet, Spud3 and chocolates. The chocolates were to wrap with the wallet, so he could not guess that it was a wallet. The wallet he wanted a while ago. I also bought him Men's cologne and deodorant set, that was more a gimmick present than anything else. Whilst I was in the bath, I heard him laughing his head off and after finishing in the bathroom, I went to the lounge and he told me all about the Jeff Dunham DVD. He loved it!! By then it was 12h05. We wished each other and went to bed. Mark was planning to wake up at 6, because he wanted to start the fire early for the roasts.

This was last year's roasts below

Mark put more effort in last year and they were much nicer than this year. Also because last year we bought the roasts from our normal butcher, Hillfox Butchery. This year he went and bought them and bought them from the butcher at Fruit and Veg.

Chad was awake before us, expecting another present under the tree..... And found nothing, so just lay in the lounge watching his DVD, until we woke up.

Whilst  Mark went about preparing the roasts, I watched the DVD with Chad and eventually we decided to give him his present that he was expecting, but never got. Mark sent him to go get a bag of wood from the carport and there he found his present, but pretended to not see it at first. He asked me the other night where I used to hide all the presents. It was a mission and a half, going camping in Mozambique or Cape Town or wherever with a bunch of presents hidden in the trailer, caravan or land-rover, but hide them I did.

We weren't planning on doing much for Christmas. Just a kind of Sunday Lunch, just the tree of us and Keith, who is still staying with us. Then Dean came around, because his daughter, Sinaed was at her mom and he had no plans. Chad has this thing about piling alcohol onto Dean, being the barman so to speak. Then gets angry with his dad when he drinks too much.

I am angry with him, because even though he denies doing it, I know he deleted a lot of the photos I took, off my camera. I know I took a lot more. He was in a mood the next morning and I just know he deleted my photos. So our quiet "Sunday Lunch" kinda Christmas became quite a raucous affair with not much eating, but a heck of a lot of drinking. I know this looks bad and it would appear that we are a bunch of drunks, but after a stressful year, plus a very sad time of the year, I did not mind Mark letting his hair down and enjoying himself. I know that you should enjoy yourself without alcohol and new year is the time to let your hair down, but we never celebrate new year or even stay up, so Christmas was the time to do it. We haven't done anything for Christmas for years, besides last year when my parents and my aunt came for lunch. When Clinty was alive we were always away on holiday for Christmas. Then after he died, I just could not do anything for Christmas, or even acknowledge it, besides buying Chad gifts. The first year we went to Sun City for the day. One of Clint's friends came with, Michael who spent a lot of time with us after Clint died. The following two Christmas' we had the shop and Mark worked and Chad and I stayed at home. I then realized it was very unfair on Chad not to do anything, which is why last year we had Christmas Lunch and then this year it was a real let your hair down kind of day.

So we ended up drinking too much, but not eating that much food, too many snacks before lunch. The only thing that was finished was Mark's famous potato bake, we still had a whole roast left and the salads were hardly touched. We never even got to eat dessert.

I have no idea how four adults and one teenager could make such a mess!!! Well it was more like two of the adults, mainly Mark. One thing I am really upset about is that Mark opened the JC Le Roux Sparkling wine and it messed all over the place and later that night when I took the table cloth off, the wine had messed on a cracker and there is now a green stain on our dining room table that will never come off. I guess it will just have to be part of the memory of Christmas 2011. I can't mope and stress of material things!!!

Keith went to sleep after lunch and Dean left at about 5, because they were all leaving for Ballito in the morning. Mark and I had a sleep. He was really drunk. He does not drink often, so keeping up with Dean and Keith's drinking does not bode well. We attempted to tidy up after that - the kitchen looked like World War 3 and the dish washer worked overtime. He then sort of packed for the trip to Ballito and moved cars around then went to bed. He was feeling very ill and hungover and needed to sleep, because they were leaving at 6. Chad and I stayed up quite late then went to bed........ And that was Christmas 2011!!!!
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