Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Christmas Eve, after I had cleaned the house, which I only did at night. After fighting the queues at the crowded malls and fighting with Mark (that is a blog for another time) I had no energy or time to clean during the day. So after baking some crunchies, then doing the flowers for Clint's garden and sitting in his garden with  candles burning. It was very emotional and I just sobbed and sobbed. After awhile and after getting hugs from Mark and Chad, I found the energy to clean the house.

 Chad was very anxious to open his presents. He gave us a list of what he wanted and for some reason this year he could not wait to see what he got - probably because he is getting older now!! I had also told him that when we were older, we stayed up and opened our presents at midnight and he decided that he was staying up until midnight.

Mark did not think it was a good idea and was about to go to bed at around ten thirty, then decided not to, because I asked him why he was not staying up with us. By then I had agreed that Chad could open one present. We never waited until midnight though. At eleven, Chad could not wait any longer and we decided to toast each other with a shooter and open one present each. Chad fetched the shooters that Mark had bought and yes, bad mother that I am, I let Chad have a shooter as well.

In the end we opened all our presents. I was not going to open mine, because I only had two under the tree and Mark and Chad's presents were all wrapped separately, Mark also did not want to open his but Chad is very convincing.

And as always our animals are around us ................... wouldn't have it any other way!!!

I told Chad that he is going to be disappointed in the morning when he wakes up and has no presents to open, but he said he won't be. It beats waking up at 5, I guess!! After we had opened all the presents, Mark went to bed, I went to bath and Chad watched his DVD of Jeff Dunham. He did not like the DVD at first. We also bought him Hangover 2, Mark's choice, but he was disappointed in both of them. Disappointing gifts will be for another time!!! We also gave him a PS3 game, some F1 racing game he wanted, another controller for his PS3, but it was a plug & play one and he wanted a Wi-Fi one. I don't remember him saying he wanted a Wi-Fi one and did not even know you got two different ones. I just asked the salesman at Incredible Connection for one for a PS3 and that is what he gave. We also bought him a wallet, Spud3 and chocolates. The chocolates were to wrap with the wallet, so he could not guess that it was a wallet. The wallet he wanted a while ago. I also bought him Men's cologne and deodorant set, that was more a gimmick present than anything else. Whilst I was in the bath, I heard him laughing his head off and after finishing in the bathroom, I went to the lounge and he told me all about the Jeff Dunham DVD. He loved it!! By then it was 12h05. We wished each other and went to bed. Mark was planning to wake up at 6, because he wanted to start the fire early for the roasts.

This was last year's roasts below

Mark put more effort in last year and they were much nicer than this year. Also because last year we bought the roasts from our normal butcher, Hillfox Butchery. This year he went and bought them and bought them from the butcher at Fruit and Veg.

Chad was awake before us, expecting another present under the tree..... And found nothing, so just lay in the lounge watching his DVD, until we woke up.

Whilst  Mark went about preparing the roasts, I watched the DVD with Chad and eventually we decided to give him his present that he was expecting, but never got. Mark sent him to go get a bag of wood from the carport and there he found his present, but pretended to not see it at first. He asked me the other night where I used to hide all the presents. It was a mission and a half, going camping in Mozambique or Cape Town or wherever with a bunch of presents hidden in the trailer, caravan or land-rover, but hide them I did.

We weren't planning on doing much for Christmas. Just a kind of Sunday Lunch, just the tree of us and Keith, who is still staying with us. Then Dean came around, because his daughter, Sinaed was at her mom and he had no plans. Chad has this thing about piling alcohol onto Dean, being the barman so to speak. Then gets angry with his dad when he drinks too much.

I am angry with him, because even though he denies doing it, I know he deleted a lot of the photos I took, off my camera. I know I took a lot more. He was in a mood the next morning and I just know he deleted my photos. So our quiet "Sunday Lunch" kinda Christmas became quite a raucous affair with not much eating, but a heck of a lot of drinking. I know this looks bad and it would appear that we are a bunch of drunks, but after a stressful year, plus a very sad time of the year, I did not mind Mark letting his hair down and enjoying himself. I know that you should enjoy yourself without alcohol and new year is the time to let your hair down, but we never celebrate new year or even stay up, so Christmas was the time to do it. We haven't done anything for Christmas for years, besides last year when my parents and my aunt came for lunch. When Clinty was alive we were always away on holiday for Christmas. Then after he died, I just could not do anything for Christmas, or even acknowledge it, besides buying Chad gifts. The first year we went to Sun City for the day. One of Clint's friends came with, Michael who spent a lot of time with us after Clint died. The following two Christmas' we had the shop and Mark worked and Chad and I stayed at home. I then realized it was very unfair on Chad not to do anything, which is why last year we had Christmas Lunch and then this year it was a real let your hair down kind of day.

So we ended up drinking too much, but not eating that much food, too many snacks before lunch. The only thing that was finished was Mark's famous potato bake, we still had a whole roast left and the salads were hardly touched. We never even got to eat dessert.

I have no idea how four adults and one teenager could make such a mess!!! Well it was more like two of the adults, mainly Mark. One thing I am really upset about is that Mark opened the JC Le Roux Sparkling wine and it messed all over the place and later that night when I took the table cloth off, the wine had messed on a cracker and there is now a green stain on our dining room table that will never come off. I guess it will just have to be part of the memory of Christmas 2011. I can't mope and stress of material things!!!

Keith went to sleep after lunch and Dean left at about 5, because they were all leaving for Ballito in the morning. Mark and I had a sleep. He was really drunk. He does not drink often, so keeping up with Dean and Keith's drinking does not bode well. We attempted to tidy up after that - the kitchen looked like World War 3 and the dish washer worked overtime. He then sort of packed for the trip to Ballito and moved cars around then went to bed. He was feeling very ill and hungover and needed to sleep, because they were leaving at 6. Chad and I stayed up quite late then went to bed........ And that was Christmas 2011!!!!

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