Friday, 30 December 2011

Midnight Meringues

On Thursday I bought a new electric beater. Chad wanted me to make meringues, which I have never made before, other than the time I baked the chocolate cake with meringue filling - Disaster Day. My mixer does not beat the eggs properly and that was my excuse for not making them, until we went shopping on Thursday and Chad saw an electric beater and told me to buy it so I could make him meringues. So I bought it. He asked when I was going to make them and I put him off on Thursday. Then on Friday after shopping, cleaning the house, cooking and doing the dishes, I sat down in the lounge with him and he asks again.

There was nothing to watch on TV, but still tried to get out of it, because it was late, almost 9pm and I said that it takes two hours in the oven. He figured the movie he was watching would finish at 11pm, which would be perfect timing, so I agreed. Shame at least he appreciates my baking efforts!! Being mentally drained and exhausted I did not take into account the prep time or the actual baking. The two hours was after they had baked for 45 minutes. I only realized that half way through making them.

I used the recipe from the Disaster Day chocolate cake, which you can find over here. I am not going to type it out here, because I don't want any copyright issues, but I am sure (hopefully) the author won't mind the link. The recipe is really simple - time consuming beating the eggs, but really easy. They mixture looked so good.

I tried piping them in a piping bag, but creativity and patience I lack. It was messy and just too time consuming, so I just spooned it into the baking tray, popped them in the oven, set the timer and went to watch TV. Well they burnt a bit and came out beige instead of white. I am not a baker, but I keep trying, so I guess I get points for trying. I switched the oven off at 22h05, so the cooling time would end at 00h05. We watched the movie, I cleaned the kitchen, had a bath and by then it was 23h50. I was going to wait until exactly 00h05, but I just could not. You know how 5 minutes seems like 5 hours when you are waiting and doing nothing - well when you are tired and your feet are burning from being on them all day - that was me and I took them out ten minutes too early. I covered them and went to bed. my creativity might not be good, nor my presentation, but they tasted good - even the gooey filling inside. Yep, the ten minutes made a big difference, but they were edible and that is what counts I guess. I will make them again, just not late at night when I am tired and I would recommend the recipe.

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