Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My Baby Passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

........... And I am so happy and proud. OK Chad I know you don't like being called my baby, but you will always be my baby and I will probably still be calling you my baby when you are 40 or 50, not because you are a baby, but, because you are my world, my life and my everything.

His report was not the best and could have been much better if he had put in a tiny bit of effort. He failed Afrikaans badly and fortunately, you don't have to pass Afrikaans to pass the year, like you used to. Chad has no idea when it comes to Afrikaans, it is totally foreign to him. It always amazed me that Clint did well in Afrikaans at school and in both grade 8 and 9 received an achievement award for Afrikaans. My Afrikaans is terrible. I can read it, but hate speaking it. Clint just seemed to do well in it at school, but could not have a conversation in Afrikaans.

I am happy and pleased with Chad's report and that he made it through his first year in high school, for one, because going to his brother's old school was tough. So many memories, because it is such a small school. I still get a lump in my throat and get all emotional and tears well up in my eyes, when I walk through the gates. Parking outside to fetch or drop off Chad has become much easier, but going inside his extremely difficult. I know it has been tough for Chad, but it was his choice to go to the school and I would never have forced him to go there. In fact I was against him going there, only because of the memories, not because of the actual school.

The other reason that I am pleased he made it through grade 8 is because of the primary school he went to. The year after Clint died, I took him out of his school and put him in one of those Christian Home schools, the irony of me sending him to a christian school!!! I was desperate to get him out of the school he was in and so was he. He was so unhappy there. He went from being a very happy boy at school, to the saddest little boy ever after Clint died. Beside the fact that the children at a government school were just numbers to the teachers and had to get on with life, no matter what life and dealt them, Chad could not handle the fact that everyone knew his brother had died and did not like talking about it and just got unhappier and unhappier all the time.

There were waiting lists at the other private schools and someone recommended this very little school to me and he spent a day there and decided he loved it and he left his school two days later, against Mark's wishes and after a huge fight with him.  The school was a disaster and the teacher/owner/principal the biggest sinner of all times. She committed every sin in her all time reference book, the bible.  The biggest being a liar. she was not even a qualified teacher and her other teachers were supposed to be qualified teachers, but that was questionable too. The children did the bare minimum of work, which resulted in them being bored and Chad and his friends were in trouble all the time.  I did a grave injustice to him by sending him there, but the consolation was he needed to get away from his old school and the memories and talk. At his government school, which is so typical, the tuck shop and PTA mothers knew more about your child than the teachers and yourself, so in that respect moving him was good. We also could not cope at the time with all the hundreds of projects they were given for every subject. The projects that all the parents ended up doing and the teachers knew that too. So the little home school, AKA the over priced play school was a blessing.

This year, especially the first term was tough for Chad, having to actually do school work at school then homework and projects, it hit him hard, but he knew that was going to happen and was prepared for a big change. His friend from his primary school also went to his high school, so there were two of them. The reason why he wanted to go to Clint's old school. He was very stressed two or so weeks before high school started in case he knew nothing and I had to reassure him all the time that he was not stupid and of course he would know what the teachers were talking about and he did and we got through the year without any major problems.

His teachers all seem to like him and he is even amazed that he never gets into trouble at school unlike when he went to the home school. Then he was always in trouble, now at a school with proper discipline and rules and not behavior based on PMS he is known as a pleasant well behaved child. I always joked with his friend's mom, because his friend was in trouble more than Chad and say to her Oh God is "L" PMS again or did she have a fight with her new fiance or her ex-fiance or baby dad. Their behavior was clearly based on her moods, either PMS or boyfriend status and they were in trouble over the silliest of things some days. Chad was even "expelled" from her school and I went there fuming to fetch him after she got him to phone me to say that he was kicked out of school and I said to her I have no problem with taking Chad out of your school, just give me my school fees back and she changed her tune very quickly and put a huge smile on her face and became sickly sweet and two-faced and apologized and said it was all a misunderstanding. She loved money far too much!!! After that he was not in trouble that often. We were going to take him out and put him in another school, but thought it was only a year to go and changing schools and making new friends again was not a good thing. So he stayed and finished his holiday camp with her and we survived.

No, his report was not the best, but he passed and I am proud of him, but next year he has to put a lot more effort in, because he really did not study for his exams

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