Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Racing To The End

This year is hurtling by at a speed of knots. It is scary to think that in less than 3 weeks, the new year will have started. I know as you get older time seems to fly, but this year really raced by. Even Chad said the other day, wow, but this year has gone fast. You would think that being the first year at high school, time would have dragged for him, but he can't even believe it is already the end of the year. Even more scary is that he is already in his 3rd week of holidays and next thing it will be the start of a new school year. We were talking about his Afrikaans mark the other day and I was saying what his Afrikaans teacher said at Parent's Evening and it honestly felt like it was just the other day and I had to think about it. It was actually the first week of the second term and not this past term.

Once again I have not done what I have planned to do this year. Not putting off till  tomorrow what can be done today is something I learnt the most terrible and traumatic way, yet I am still guilty of it. In part, it is because of the guilt I feel about doing things or going places without Clint being a part of it. It is a terrible thing to live with, but the details will be for another post. I just can't go there today!!

Besides the real life stuff I have not accomplished or managed to do this year, there is also my blog. I have not transferred all the stuff from Facebook to Clint's page I keep putting it off. I have also changed my blog so many times. Chad rags me about my blog all the time, in a playful teasing way, he will never admit it, but he likes the fact that I blog about him. He preferred it when I had all the different pages, like movies, books, past events etc, so perhaps I will add them again. It just takes up so much time and the pages were mostly empty. There is just no time to add everything, but we will see.

I was horrified the other day to see that I never added Clint's birthday to upcoming events!!!! How I managed that or worse managed not to notice is just beyond comprehension. It is eating and eating away at me. How could I not add it. The only way I can console myself is by the fact that his birthday is so painful, but that is no excuse. I just don't know how I could have added is death anniversary date, but not his birth date. I will NEVER forget his birthday and I don't need a reminder, but neither do I need a reminder for mine, Chad's and Mark's. I can't say why. I just did not add it and the guilt is too much. It is there now, but the fact remains it was not before.

The other thing that I have not added to my blog, is the blogs that I read. I have feeds to my PC and Blackberry. I have bookmarked blogs to my PC and Blackberry, I have even "bookmarked" some in my brain, some I search for and find, some I never find again. I need to add them to my blog list. I need to find the time!!!

We were thinking of going down to Ballito, between the 22 December and 3 January, but left it too late and could not find accommodation. We need a place that will allow dogs, as we have no one to come and stay at our house to look after them, plus Miss Piggy needs extra looking after. Well a holiday letting agent that we used in April did find us a place, but at a ridiculous price. Now I know holiday accommodation is very expensive in December, but this was just far too ridiculous. We could have rented a 2 bedroom house for 6 months, plus furnished it with the basics for the cost of 10 or 11 days holiday. Sorry, but I have no time for people who try and rip you off.   They obviously thought we were desperate and thought lets milk them for every cent we can. Well, sorry for them, but I am not that desperate, I will stay home with my animals. Mark and Chad can go down on a working holiday and rent an apartment at a fraction of the cost. Mark has to go down at some stage to sort out his business down there, I will just stay behind.

So if they do go down and I am alone, I will have lots of time to fix up my blog and do the stuff I don't normally get to do. I will have house work to do, but being the only one at home, means there won't be that much to do either. Sheila goes on leave on Wednesday, so my holiday is housework. Yes we are lucky to have hired help in South Africa, but saying that, I don't feel guilty or privileged having someone employed to clean the house. If I did not employ her, she would be unemployed or someone else would be unemployed - the domino effect!! She probably needs her job more than I need her to work for me. She gets her salary, plus extras and we really don't need her more than twice a week. We have her four times a week now, because she needed another job on a Tuesday and I can see us employing her on a Thursday next year, because she works for my mother on a Thursday and she retired a year ago and can't afford her anymore and I just know if she doesn't have a job on Thursdays, she will end up working here too. I must say I appreciate her in December when she is away on leave and I have to do ironing, which I absolutely detest, but that is also the time that I notice all the things she does not do properly, then I moan and groan, but by the time she gets back and the ironing is piled up, I forget about the little irritating things she does not do and the things that slide unnoticed. OK I would be lying if I say I don't appreciate her, because in truth I do - I am not the house-wifey type and for as long as we can afford to have domestic help I will have it. That goes for the gardener too. We also only need him once a week, but he struggled to find work on other days, so we employed him twice a week, and he has tried to con us into employing him 3 times a week, but there really is not enough work even for two days.

Our staff at work are also going on leave on Thursday, but we are working until the 22 December. It is just too busy to close on the 15th, but they need their leave and need to go home to their families. We will then close until the 3rd or 4th and they will all be back on the 9th.

Wishing you all everything of the best over the festive season, no matter how you celebrate it. Have a safe, happy and wonderful festive season.

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