Monday, 12 December 2011

Sunday Lunch

We went to The Cattle Barron for lunch today. We arrived at about 12h30 and the place was empty, but soon it was packed. During our meal we used the service bell twice. Once, because they forgot to bring Keith's meal and then the second time, we ordered another round of drinks, Mark Rock Shandy and Keith another brandy and I ordered a Kahlua Dom Pedro. Chad didn't want anything else to drink.  The waiter brought Mark and Keith's drinks and I waited and waited for mine, which never came. So we pressed the service bell for a waiter to ask where my drink was.

We finished eating and had already received the bill, but we were just finishing off our drinks, chatting away. We sat outside, but because of the bad weather we have had over the past two days, the outside area was enclosed. Earlier the manager had come around as they always do to check if everything was OK, we had no complaints and he went on his merry way. Next thing he came at almost a sprint to the door way, we were sitting right by the door, my back was to the door and Mark faced the door and I took no notice, he asked Mark if we needed anything and Mark said just the credit card machine. Off he went at a sprint again and at that moment I saw Chad holding the service bell, fiddling with it. He had been pressing the bell and pressing the bell, who knows how often without realizing it and the Manager must have thought we were either patrons from hell or had a serious issue.

When he brought the credit card machine, I apologized and told him my son was fiddling with the bell and did not realize that he was actually pressing it. We all had a laugh about it and the Manager joked and said he will sort Chad out at the door, not whilst doing the payment, he wants us to first pay, otherwise we wont pay after he is finished with Chad. It was quite funny and fortunately it was a Manager with a sense of humor.

The food was good, I had an Avocado Ritz starter and Chicken Breasts Tahiti, very good. We went home as full as anything and I went for a sleep. So bad, I know - overeating then sleeping. I woke up at about 4.30 and needed to go buy smokes. Mark said I must buy a cream cake, he felt like a cream cake or cream doughnut. After that huge meal, plus Mark asking for cake was just too much. I went to the Spar just up the road and after getting strict instructions that it had to be a cream cake or doughnut, not anything else. I had a look at their cakes and they had absolutely nothing.  They had one limp cream doughnut screaming "please buy me, I promise I am not too stale and I will fill your tummy and put lots of fat on your hips" . I left with just a cold drink and smokes and went to Woolworths whose selection was not much better. I ended up buying four small custard slices and a Black Forrest Cream Cake. Mark was not impressed with the cake and said it was not a cream cake and he hates chocolate cake. I thought he hated all cakes and I have no idea what cream cake he likes. He rarely eats cakes. Luckily I bought the custard slices, because he loves them - anything with custard. I don't think he even knows what cream cake he wanted - he was probably just craving something sweet after the heavy meal he ate earlier.

Well that's another weekend and week done and dusted - how time flies!!!

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