Sunday, 11 December 2011

Take Your Dog To Work Day

In our house Thursdays are "Take your dog to work" days. Since I started going in to the office everyday, my life as I knew it changed. Well the lives of my animal children have changed. No more having me at home to look after them and because Sheila does not work on a Thursday, I have the dilemma of a working mom. Who is going to look after them. Miss Piggy cannot stay outside all day, because she might fall in the pool or get stung by a bee. So her and Pluto stay in the bathroom when we go out. They really don't mind and they know as soon as we put Pluto's bed in the bathroom, they both go running in there and hop into the bed and they stay there for the time that we are away. This means that we do not go out for hours and hours. Twice we went to Sun City and left them the whole day, it sounds bad, but they really don't have a problem staying in the bathroom. In fact that is where they sleep every Thursday when I am at home and Sheila is not here cleaning and disturbing them, but obviously we do not do it often and that is why we have only done it twice for the whole day. They are safe, have their beds and food and water.

Ready For Work

Once they got out the bathroom and in five minutes Piggy lifted the floorboards outside Clint's room. Mark bought a beach buggy and we had to go fetch it somewhere in the Free State and we left at lunchtime and got back at around six. The problem was that Mark got home before us. The inter leading passage security gate was locked as well.  I went a different way into Weltevreden Park and his way was faster and they heard him at the gate, because he did not have keys or a remote to get in and waited for us, which caused much excitement and they managed to open the bathroom door and in her excitement to get out to him, she started ripping at the floor boards and jumped on my bed and rumpled up the bed and almost ripped a pillow. Whether we are gone for 10 minutes or ten hours our dogs carry on like we have left them for ten years. They get so excited. Other than that time we have had no problems with them and believe you me if they did howl, cry or bark, we would know, because our neighbors will complain.

Can we please leave already!!!!

We also only put Pluto's bed in the bathroom, because if we put any other bed in there, Piggy rips it up. We have learnt over the two years we have had her, that routine is very important to her. Once we went to the shop down the road for not even 20  minutes, when we still had Sheba and Chad decided we should put Jingles in the bathroom and not leave her outside with Spike and Sheba. I knew it was a bad idea and when we got home she had ripped Jingles' bed up and her own. Poor Jingles jumped into the bath and stayed there.  So now Chad knows, I am not being nasty to Jingles, she is far happy outside with Spike and Piggy is happy with her routine. Spike and Jingles go sleep in their kennels under the carport. We have three kennels, one very big one, a medium one and a little one, but they sleep in the medium one when we go out.

I am such an angel at work

So now Thursdays have become a problem, because although we do know that Pluto and Piggy are happy and content in the bathroom and go there willingly, so willingly that we have never had to even coax them in, we still feel guilty about it and have decided that the two of them must come to work on a Thursday. They are pretty good and are not much of a hassle, except now Piggy has become very territorial and has started attacking the staff when they come into the office and of course Pluto attacks anyone who comes near me, so the staff have to call to me when they are coming into the office so I can hold onto their leads. Other than that they sleep in Pluto's bed and we walk them outside and when Chad is with, we walk them down the road.

Sleeping in Mommy's Office

The other time that our dogs become monsters is when they see their collars and leads. They go crazy and I try my hardest not to let them see the leads, because when Spike and Piggy are together they go wild and run around like little monsters, when they are in the car together they also become like monsters, so we have learnt that we hide the leads in the car and put the leads on when we get to work, because Piggy and Pluto together are fine. Pluto has a calming effect on Miss Piggy. She thinks that they must share everything. That is why they share Pluto's bed and she even thinks they have to share their food. She has so many funny quirks.

But I want yours!!!!

Last week on Thursday I thought I had hid the leads but they heard me taking them out the drawer and I quickly went to my car to put them in the boot, but too late Spike saw, jumped into the boot and would not get out. Piggy in her excitement to also try and jump into the boot scratched my car and what a performance to get Spike out the car and Mark wonders why I am exhausted by the time I get to work and say never again they can stay at home in the bathroom - till next week.

What about me???

People must think we are crazy. On Monday night I noticed that Jingles had hurt her dew claw, because she is such a jittery nervous dog who bites me whenever I try touch her or pick her up, I couldn't really see what was wrong. I tried and was attacked by her. That dog makes me so mad. She always jumps on my lap and cuddles by me, sleeps under the blankets by me or stands up on her hind legs scratching on my legs to pick her up, but don't dare let me try and pick her up or even cover her with her blankets at night, because then I get bitten. It always makes me think about dogs in shelters who get put down, because they failed the re-homing tests. Jingles will fail miserably. Also saying a dog was abused, because they are nervous and jittery -that is Jingles and she is not abused.
I am better now - so leave me alone

 I digress!! From what I could see her dew claw was hurt, but not serious. Tuesday, she was licking it and licking it, but still my efforts in helping her was met by being attacked, so I left her. Wednesday night she was limping and licking and soft crying. This was it, whether she liked it or not I was checking this leg. Shame she must have been in so much pain that she allowed me to check her foot out. No biting, growling or attacking me. Most of the claw was hanging on a thread and it was all inflamed. I took some gauze and covered it with micropore, so she couldn't lick it. It was late at night and there was nothing else that I could do. I could not sleep that night, worrying about her losing her leg and being cruel by not taking her to the vet and and and.... I eventually fell asleep on the couch after one. Her and Garfield are our only animals that have only gone to the vet for sterilizations and vaccinations, never for injury or illness.

Sharing Is Caring

Chad and I took her to the vet before work. By the time we arrived at the vet, she had pulled off the bandage and the whole claw was off. Not once during the time I put the bandage on her to the vet examining her did she bite me. Not when I put her on my lap in the waiting room or when I lifted her onto the examination table. The vet must think I am a liar, saying I could not check it properly because she bit me all the time. She was given her vaccinations, they all about a month overdue, except Piggy. I know it is bad, but time just flies, so she had hers, was given Rimadyl and an antibiotic.

Aw w, you ate it all

After the vet, we went straight to work. Chad made plans to meet a friend there at 8h30 and we were already running late. They were going to the Mall to see a movie and hang out there. We arrive at work with a Jack Russel in tow, one week a Bull Dog and Dachshund, the next a Jack Russel. The staff are just waiting for the Bull Terrier, the china dog as they call it. They are petrified of China dogs, but Jingles is so different. She runs around, licking them, jumping on them, sitting on them, so different to the other three. Then around 11am, when things were quieter at work and I had done all the urgent stuff that needed doing, I went and dropped her off with Spike. He was so happy to see her, because he was alone outside, whilst Pigs and Plutes were inside in the bathroom. Her pain tablets had kicked in and her and Spike ran around like crazy dogs, happy to see each other. Then what a mission it was to keep them out the car, whilst putting the other two in the car. Shame it is really unfair that two go with and two stay behind, plus Jungles went in the car earlier as well, but taking four dogs to work is just a bit too crazy and besides Spike is just far too protective and will bite someone, unlike Pluto and Piggy who we can control. Then it was off to work again, with Piggy and Plutes.

This is my toy - not yours

 She allowed me to give her, her medicine, check her foot, until last night. Now I get bitten and attacked and it is such a battle to get her to take her pills. I hide it in ham and cheese and just get bitten, I am ready to give up on her. Obviously the pain has gone and now she is back to her bitchy nervous self and does not need my help.

Please open this gate - I wanna play

My animals are a full time job and such high maintenance, but love them never the less and with the high maintenance comes so much love and loyalty.

I love my old bossy big sister

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