Monday, 23 January 2012

Back To School Tomorrow

The long school holiday is finally over. This was one of the longest school holidays we have ever had. January is almost over and they are only going back to school. I don't think Chad is looking forward to going back and I am not looking forward to waking up at 4.45am and the traffic and then the nagging to do school work.

Chad slept over at his friend last night. They first went to Brightwater Commons, Mark dropped them off at about 4pm. They went bowling, then had supper at Mimmos and then he phoned to ask if he could sleep over at John's house. After that they went to play putt-putt and then John's dad fetched them at about 8.30 and he slept over.

Mark went to fetch him at 12h30, he had to come home and shower and change, having not planned to sleep out, then he had to go for a haircut. He shaved his hair, not totally off, but a number two right around and they are not allowed shaved hair at school. I don't know if a number two is classed as shaved, we will find out tomorrow. That is one thing that annoys me about his school and something I can't understand. Boys are allowed long hair, but not shaved hair. It is so stupid. Once in assembly someone asked why they could not shave their hair and they were told, when parents see shaved heads they think the school is full of skinheads. What does long untidy make you think of???  I think long hair looks far worse than shaved hair. Stupid rules!!

Today we had such a bad storm, not only rain, but such a bad electrical storm too. Our DB board tripped four times, lightning flashed through the house so many times, once I think it hit the light in the dining room, because there was a weird bright light that flashed through the lounge and dining room. The dogs and Garfield were all so scared. Usually Piggy and Spike don't get scared during thunder storms, but today was bad. The windows were rattling and I was waiting for them to fall out. Mark had to go give his mother a lift and apparently he drove through a raging river, the roads were so flooded, the water was half way up the car. He should know better than driving through flooded roads. His mother could have waited until the storm had stopped.  I was working, trying to get my vat recon finished, Chad was watching TV and I just switched everything off and Chad and I decided to play monopoly.

We have not played it in such a long time and it was fun. Old fashioned games and board games are so much better than play station and computer games. I am still very much part of the old school and don't think I will totally accept technology. We need it, there is no doubt about it and it makes everything easier, quicker and more efficient, but it also comes with just as much negativity. Playing board games helps you to communicate and really spend quality time together and relax and have fun. I am really happy that Chad is still interested in playing board games and not like some kids his age who are already drinking and hanging around at dodgy places and are too old for games.

That is the end of our weekend and end of the summer holidays!!!

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