Sunday, 22 January 2012

Baking For My Babies

I haven't baked for the dogs for a very long time. Miss Piggy gets terrible diarrhea, if she eats "human" food. When she was a puppy, until just over a year old, all she could eat was Royal Canin Bulldog Food. She had diarrhea when we brought her home from the breeder and she had to go to the vet and from then no matter what she ate, she got diarrhea and had to go to the vet. We then put her on Royal Canin Bulldog food and it stopped, provided she had nothing else. She could not eat dog biscuits or treats or tin dog meat. Once she had really bad diarrhea. I was up with her the whole night, it started during the night, so we could not take her to the vet and were about to go to the emergency vet, when it stopped a bit during the early hours of the morning. She was raw around her little bottom, but was so good she would not mess in the house, but would come running to me and half sit, then I would rush to let her out. I took her to the vet and he asked if she had meat or anything she shouldn't have had, to find out if it was a bug or just something she had eaten. As far as I knew she had nothing that she should not have had, although I was not sure, because Mark always thinks he is treating them if he gives them meat and other junk. The Vet gave her medicine and said if the diarrhea did not stop we had to bring her back, so he could test if it was from a bug and we had to make sure she only had dog food and possibly change her to Hills Sensitive Stomach Food. Her diarrhea cleared up and I watched her like a hawk. I then remembered that Chad had Nestle Smartie Eggs and she was playing with the packet on the Friday morning and I took it away from her, there must have been one or two eggs left, which she must have eaten. She used to climb from the couch onto the lounge table when no one was around and take things off the table. I caught her doing that when she thought I was not looking, just like a very naughty child, that's how she got the Smartie Egg Packet.  They say chocolate is highly poisonous to dogs, but I had a Maltese that lived to the age of 17 and loved chocolate. He was addicted to it I am sure. He just heard or saw the chocolate wrapper and went crazy. He hardly ate dog food, pulled his nose up to it and ate pasta, carrots, chocolate and table scraps mainly, although he was given dog food at meal times. Chocolate was definitely not poisonous to him, but Miss Piggy is another story.

Waiting For Treats

Back to the baking, I stopped baking for them, because the last time Miss Piggy had diarrhea in about October last year, the vet said we mustn't give her anything but dog food. She is on Eukanuba now, like the other dogs. It was becoming difficult stopping her from eating out of their bowls so we tried it and she was fine, but that is all she is allowed now. No more biscuits although she was fine eating them and no more chicken livers which she absolutely loves and knew exactly what they were when I took them out the freezer to cook them for her. I think she knew the word Chicken Liver. I made her chicken livers when the others got tin meat and she could not eat tin meat and did not like it anyway. She was also fine eating them, but we had to stop everything.  Now every time I bake, she comes to the kitchen and wiggles her little bum, because she thinks I am making them biscuits. They all hang around the kitchen when I bake and they don't do it when I cook. The only one who sits in the kitchen when I cook is Spike, the others don't unless they are eating. When I bake, they all hang around and Piggy is the worst, she follows me like a shadow, they really know that baking gives them treats. I thought what the hell, shame they love the biscuits so I will make them this weekend. There they were hanging around the kitchen and this time they were the ones to get the treats. They were so happy, but unfortunately, they have given Miss Piggy diarrhea this time. She really can't have anything but dog food. As much as she loves them, especially the Peanut Butter ones, she goes crazy over them, it is just being cruel giving her stuff that makes her sick. The diarrhea is not too bad, it has just started now I think, well I noticed it now and will have to watch her and she just can't have anymore.

Waiting Not So Patiently

I will post the recipes for the biscuits in my next post. They are not my recipes and I don't take ownership or credit for them. I found them online somewhere, a long time ago and printed them out and don't know where to find them now to post the link. I used to make Garfield treats too, but she is such a fussy cat and doesn't eat them half the time, so I don't make them anymore. You can find recipes for cat treats over here.

Checking The Other 3 Coming In The Kitchen

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