Thursday, 26 January 2012

Exercising - Number Six On My List

My plan to post a new goal/change each day, did not plan out that way. Mainly, thanks to Telkom, I have not had Internet Connection since the 8 January 2012 and ran out of MTN pay as you go bundles for my 3G modem, which I bought to cover me during the time that my Telkom line was down, not expecting it to be down for three weeks. No amount of throwing my toys out, makes any difference, because all you do is talk to a Call Center Agent, who can do nothing but log the query. The Managers and Area Managers hide behind Call Center Staff and you don't get to speak to them to complain about their poor service. The other reason was because I had to finish my Vat recon and that is top priority. It is done now and paid, so I am free to blog, but still without ADSL.

So here is number six on my list. I don't exercise, I have never been the exercise type of person. I am lazy and am not embarrassed so say so, but I used to enjoy walking. That was my only exercise. A few years ago, Mark bought me a treadmill, because walking in the streets became a bit of a risk. I walked in the mornings around 9am or 10 and most people are at work or school and the only people who are in the streets are layabouts, hanging around under the pretext of looking for a job, but sadly most are there under suspicious circumstances. I was followed twice and then stopped walking so Mark bought a treadmill.  He also bought a home gym and in fact it was the year before Clint died. Clint used the home gym all the time, Mark sometimes, I walked on the treadmill and so did Mark and Clint. Chad buggered around on it. It was new and a novelty. After Clint died, neither the treadmill or the gym was used. They both lay there. I have since used the treadmill from time to time, the home gym has not been touched since the night before Clint's accident - four years, ten months and ten days!!!  It is under the carport and is covered in rust, spider webs and dirt and will most likely stay like that. The treadmill is in my office, begging to be used. I last used it about 6 or 7 months ago.

I need to walk again and I am planning to, I just find walking on the treadmill such a chore and so boring, which means I force myself to get on it and lose interest fast. Walking in the road in the afternoon is not really an option. By the time Chad gets home from school, had lunch, nagged to do homework, it is time to start supper and walking at night is not an option or advisable. Joining a walking group is not for me either, because you are restricted to when they walk. So the treadmill it is - not this week though :-) soon, I promise.

As you can see the duster is out, ready to dust it off, so I am making progress.

Next on my list of changes is going to be a shocker and I am not sure if I should even put it on my list. There are so many other things I can add and should try harder at, but for now it will be the final one........

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