Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Friday Night Bowling

Friday night we went bowling again. We arrived at about 18h30 and it was still quite empty. We joined up and paid the membership fee and were given our cards and a free game.

We had planned on playing two games and then going for supper. Mark decided that we were playing with the rails down, as it was defeating the object of the game by having the rails down.

Chad had a sulk about the rails being down and really made an effort to play badly to prove a point. I wasn't too happy about the rails being down, thinking that it would be a waste with the bowls going down the side the whole night, so relented and let Chad have his own way and put them up. Only one side went up, the other side was broken and would not come up.

I ended up winning the first game, so having the sides up or down makes no difference in how you play.

Mark and Chad were shocked that I had won and had played better than them and were coming up with all sorts of excuses as to why I won :-) like the wrist guard I was wearing. My wrists get quite sore almost like an arthritis kind of pain, especially when I do a lot of computer work, so I had been wearing it last week. They were joking that they all need a wrist guard, then BOOM!!! Mark figured out that you have to aim at the arrows on the floor and not for the pins. I thought they knew that and they were all doing it anyway. Turns out I was the only one that figured that out.

Mark ended up winning the next game, I came 2nd, Chad 3rd and Keith last. He was playing very badly compared to before. Now we just need Chad to win to boost his confidence and ego. He did eventually realize that playing with the rails down made no difference, especially after he got a strike with the rails down.

It got really busy as we were finishing off our last game. Now we know that we must go early on a Friday Evening to prevent having to book and wait. After playing we went to dinner at Mimmos.

We watched the musical fountains for awhile, on our way to Mimmos. They are so beautiful and there really is no place in this world for fireworks. Musical fountains are far more beautiful than any firework display will ever be.

We could still see the fountains whilst at Mimmos. It is so peaceful just watching them and taking in the beauty of the colourful lights.

The food at Mimmos was disappointing. I had Chicken Alfredo and it had a very strange sweet taste. Mark had Lasagna, which he said was terrible and Keith and Chad had Pizza Pies, which they said were good. Other than the food not being good we had a really good time again and got home pretty late. I think it was almost 23h00 when we got home.

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