Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Full Blast Musical

One of Mark's customers is in the Musical, Full Blast at the Gold Reef City Casino and he invited us to the show on Saturday night. Gold Reef City is quite far from our house and we have never been to the Casino before, only the Theme Park.

The show started at 19h00, we arrived at about 18h15 collected our tickets and then went into the Globe Theatre as there wasn't much time to do anything else.

Fortunately we went in early, as it was unreserved seating and the Theatre filled up quickly.

We ordered drinks and snacks and soon the show started

The show was really good. The singing very good and the dancers were unbelievably good. Not just show girl dancing, but acrobatic routines as well. A show really worth seeing.

After the show, we went to gamble a bit. Chad went to the games arcade to play arcade games and we went to the Casino. Keith went to the smoker's casino and Mark went with me to the smoker's section to have a cigarette, but did not stay long and left to gamble. I did not blame him for leaving, because it was packed and was disgustingly stinky and smoky. As a smoker I could not handle it. I had half a smoke and left.

Two minutes after I found Mark in the normal casino, he won R1400.00. He was winning and losing, I sat next to him and lost first R100.00 in the two minutes after I had found him, then another R200.00 during the course of the time that we were in the casino. We went and cashed in the money he had won and left R200.00 in his card, he was actually up more than down. I cashed out R1350.00 and left R200.00 in his card and he started with R100.00. When we arrived, he withdrew R1000.00 and went home with R1350.00 so his winnings covered our night out with a bonus of R300.00.

Fortunately we both get bored with gambling and don't really enjoy it. We just try for the fun of it and then stop. We were going to have dinner at Boston BBQ, but Mark and I ended up buying curry and rice in the casino. It was very good, but very hot. Then when we met up with Keith and fetched Chad from the arcade they were not very hungry and wanted Steers. They had Steers Burgers and we left.

It was a lovely evening and I am adding it under New Things for the New Year, because the last time I saw a kind of cabaret musical was before Chad was born many many years ago at Morula Sun. We have seen musicals like The Lion King and Mamma Mia etc, which is not the same as a Cabaret Musical, so it is a kind of New Thing.

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