Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mending and Sewing

I don't usually sew and mend things, even sewing on a button is an effort and whatever needs mending usually just gets thrown out or sometimes I take the stuff to the menders at the laundry down the road. Depending on what it is.  Once Chad asked me to put a zip in one of his hoodies, the zip was broken and he was very attached to this particular hoodie. It was almost too small for him, rather washed out, but he still wanted to wear it.  He gets very attached to certain things and doesn't like throwing them out and other things he loses or just does not look after them. Anyway I took the hoodie to the menders and to replace the zip cost more than what I paid for the hoodie. It came from Mr Price and did not cost much, I was in two minds about replacing the zip, then decided to indulge his little whim and just have it done.

Just over two months ago, in fact about a week before school closed, I took him to buy new clothes and two of the pairs of shorts he bought, split about a month ago. Both the same make and same style, just different colours. It makes me so mad, buying stuff and it just breaks and you can't take it back, because it has been worn a couple of times and the receipts are gone and it is just too much hassle to bother. It is not like they are cheap clothes from Pep Stores, which no doubt is better made than brand clothing. They are BadBoy Shorts and really pricey for what they are worth.

I was planning to take them to be mended, because Chad likes them and quite frankly I object to throwing away something I have just bought. I never got around to getting them to the menders, story of my life, so I took them out this morning and was going to sew them with my sewing machine.  I have a sewing machine, but I don't sew. I had this bright idea, once upon a time, that I was going to start sewing and Mark bought me a sewing machine for my birthday, at the time of my "sewing idea". I mended a couple of things and that was the end of my sewing days.

Well the "foot" for my machine has vanished, I remember seeing it in a bowl in my room once upon a time and it is no longer there, so that was the end of my sewing with the machine. I then fixed his shorts by sewing them by hand. It is school on Monday and they don't wear uniforms, so clothes become a problem when you have to wear something different everyday. Sometimes uniforms are better and easier. The shorts were so badly sewn and finished off and it is honestly disgusting that a Company can put their brand on something that is made so badly. The edges were not finished off properly, parts were sewn properly, then the stitching just frayed right off the edge, really bad. Companies and manufacturers, just don't care anymore and it is just about money and mass production

Whilst mending I got to thinking, when we were at school we had to do sewing and knitting and cooking. They really groomed us to be good little housewives and homemakers. It didn't help me much in any event, because I can't do any of them very well and I am sure most people are in the same boat. Now schools don't do any domesticated subjects, other than Hotel & Catering, but then, it is a subject choice in high school, if you want to go into the hospitality field. Giving girls the skills to become good wives is a thing of the past, which is understandable, women have evolved from being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen and now other life skills are taught at school. Skills that are far more important than cooking and laying the table to perfection and starching collars and sewing on buttons etc, but what about those who want to go into that field. We do have Hotel & Catering for the chefs and cooking part, but what about dressmakers, fashion designers etc? Do they just go through school doing totally unrelated and useless subjects like biology, geography and science and then finish school and start their studies. Seems like such a waste and I have never thought of it in that way before and I wonder if there are still schools that do Home Economics or Domestic Science or whatever it was called in those days. Would be interesting to know. Maybe if there were still teachers who ripped your sewing and knitting to shreds until it was sewn perfectly with no frayed edges, clothes that we buy would be sewn properly and wouldn't fall apart after a couple of washes.

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