Saturday, 21 January 2012

Motivating Chad To Do Well At School - Number Three

The next item on my SEVEN List of things to change in 2012 is to get Chad to work harder at school. He really slid through grade 8, doing as little as possible and his report was a true reflection of the work he put in. I really need to enforce studying and learning, so this is now number three on my list. My goal is his goal.

I have a mental block to pushing him to do school work. He is not one of those children, who love school and sit down and do homework. He needs to be nagged and nagged and pushed to do anything school related. The whole time, I have it at the back of my mind, that Clint was the same and then at the end of Grade 11, he suddenly realized that school is important and by the time he started matric he was working really hard to not only pass matric, but to do well and what happened, someone else stole that dream away from him and killed him. I have this in my head all the time that why nag and fight about school work when he could get killed tomorrow, but at the same time, my logical brain knows that I cannot have that attitude, because he needs an education and cannot fail. So this year, he just has to put effort into his school work.

We have started off badly as it is. He goes back to school on Monday after a very long holiday and we only went today to buy his text books and the bookshop has already sold out most of the books and apparently the printers have not printed anymore. Now I need to find another school book store to try and buy the rest and I have no idea where there is another bookshop or if there is even another one. Now the last day of the holidays has become a very stressful day. all because of me and my procrastinating. Number one on my list of changes. STOP PROCRASTINATING

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