Monday, 23 January 2012

My Weight - Number Five On The List

Well weight loss had to be added to the list, didn't it. My weight has always yo-yo'ed and see-sawed all my life, but it has really gotten out of hand and the older you get the more difficult it becomes to lose it. The first thing I thought about when I read the blog about the Seven Changes for 2012, which you can read over here, was to start using Fatsecret again. Fatsecret is an app that can be used on blackberry and online to record everything you eat, count calories and track your weight amongst other things. You can find the website over here.

After Clint died I started putting on weight at a rapid rate. I would eat and eat to fill an empty hole that could never be filled. I would eat a big packet of chips and not even register that I was eating until the packet was finished, I would do that with anything I ate. I just ate without even being consciously aware of the fact that I was eating. Then I was put on anti-depressants the following year and all they do to me is make me depressed and increase my appetite. I stopped taking them and then the year after that Mark bought the shop and my weight really see-sawed out the park. During that time it was also the court case against the person who killed Clint and again I was put on anti-depressants, because I was close to having a heart attack or stroke. Added to that the stress of working long hours everyday of the week in a "garage" shop, I was living on Battery Energy drinks, we were eating badly and the chocolates, ice creams and sweets were right there,to be eaten and my weight spiraled out of control. I started losing weight after we sold the shop, then in February last year, my GP, did tests, one of which was cholesterol and my cholesterol was sky high, so I had to go on a cholesterol free diet. I was very good for two months and then I was back to eating normally again and I am starting to put on weight again and just don't have the motivation or will power to go back onto my cholesterol free diet.

After I read the blog about Seven Changes, I had my old profile on Fatsecret deleted and started a new one. I was determined to start again and start afresh. It did not last, I actually get bored recording everything I eat. It is a wake up call when you actually see how many calories you eat in one day, but because it is so much to record, I lose interest or get bored. Now we are almost through January and I have not started. Baking every weekend doesn't help, so I am going to scrap it for this month and start again on the 1 February.

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