Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year

Chad and Mark arrived back from Ballito at about 4 or 4.30 on Saturday, New Years Eve. I was so happy to see them and they were so happy to see me; the animals were happy to see them and they were happy to see the animals. We were one happy little family, they were home safe and sound and the five days felt like five weeks for me. It was too long to be on my own, way too long.

I made us a lovely dinner, roast chicken with rosemary and garlic, roasted potatoes, vegetables and basmati rice and gravy. We sat and chatted and watched TV and then Mark decided to go to bed. He was tired from driving all the way home. Chad and I watched Hangover and half way through the movie I went to bath, we had seen the movie before and I did not really enjoy it the first time anyway. It was better than Hangover 2, which was absolute rubbish. Whilst I was in the bath, the movie ended and Chad went to bed and fell asleep. Him and I were going to stay up until midnight, but I guess waking up early and driving home made him too tired to wait for me to finish in the bath, so he went to sleep. Then Mark woke up and could not get back to sleep, so we had some alone time to reconnect, time we really needed on our own. We finally went to sleep after midnight - after all the fireworks (which I hate with a passion) and dogs howling in fear and hooters and screams bringing in the New Year. We never celebrate New Year, I read a tweet on twitter the other day, where someone said, people make far too much of New Year, If your life sucked on the 31st it is going to suck the next day, or something to that effect and it is so true. I feel pretty much the same way, but it felt good that Mark and I were awake and in a very good space at the start of a New Year.

Needless to say during the night, I felt so sick. I had such a pain by my diaphragm, a vice like gripping pain, that goes right round my stomach and back, which I have not had for a very long time and I can only think that it was the garlic on the chicken although you could not even taste the garlic, it was not strong at all. Garlic usually makes me very ill, but for the past few years I have cooked with it, very little and I am fine. I don't eat it if I go out to eat and I never have anything drenched in garlic. Well for most of the night I felt nauseous and in terrible pain. I took valoid, the only thing I had to take, but it did not help. I went to the lounge, so that my tossing and turning and writhing in pain did not disturb Mark. I slept on and off from 2.30 until 4.30, drinking sips of coke, hoping that would help. At 4.30 I let the dogs out then fell into a deep sleep until Chad came into the lounge at 7.30 to watch TV. I went back to our bed and fell asleep until just after 11, waking up feeling much better with just a diaphragm that felt bruised. I used to get those pains often and very badly during the court case against the person who killed Clint and it was caused from stress, an unconfirmed ulcer, so perhaps the stress of Chad and Mark driving back from the coast, added to the garlic caused it this time.

I made us waffles for breakfast at Chad's request with ice cream and syrup, we had no cream and they were so delicious, but not good for my weight or bruised stomach from the night before.

The rest of the day we spent outside at the pool, swimming and Mark braaied and cleaned out the fish pond with a bit of help from Chad and I. The pump for the filtration system broke sometime during the week that he was away and the pond was filthy and the poor Koi were hardly moving around. The other pump was working fortunately. We had to drain out all the water and fill it up with fresh water. He fixed the pump, he had spare parts left over from the time that the other pump broke. As soon as all the dirty water was out and new water filling up the fish were practically dancing around the pond in appreciation. Poor little things!!!

...... And that was our New Year - Quiet; Peaceful; Happy and Relaxed!!!!!

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