Sunday, 8 January 2012

No Energy For Much Today

OK, so I have spent for too much time on my blog today, but there is still so much I want to post, to share and most importantly record our memories for the future, the reason why I blog. To be honest I have not posted much that could be classed as memories or events in our life, just random stuff and in no sequence. I didn't get to do all the things I said I was going to do in this post. Will I ever get it done?  I should have done my ironing, but just don't have the energy.

In my defense, I did tidy up the house and pack away the Christmas Tree, not that it was much to pack away. Gone are the days when I bought a real tree that we decorated and decorated the house when the boys were younger and then moved onto a big artificial tree, but still put up loads of decorations and another smaller tree which we took on our camping holidays and decorated the tent or caravan. Then after Clinton died, I just could not face Christmas and everything that goes with it, but bought a Fiber Optic Tree for Chad, so that he could have a bit of a childhood. Mark had no interest either, although he never took an interest in our Christmas Tree Trimming time, which used to make me mad. Chad also had no interest the first year after Clint died and had a very couldn't care attitude towards whether we had a tree or not, but I think it had more to do with his personality and way of always trying to protect me. This year, we used the same Fiber Optic Tree, but also put up other little decorations as well to try and put in an effort for him.

I also did more washing, but won't go on about all the towels again, but was no different to my previous rant. I could probably do a lot more washing, but the Johannesburg Summer Rain Storms put a damper on that and it is far too much of a waste of electricity to use a tumble dryer in 31 degree weather. You can set your watch to the rain storms here in the afternoon, that is the weather I love. Very hot days, a big rain storm and then hot again or rain during the night. Not the ongoing drizzle and rain for days like coastal weather, that we have had in recent  years. My plan today was to "New Year clean", seeing that I missed out on Spring Cleaning due to a lack of energy, interest and desire, it seems today was no different.

Mark went to Lydenburg to deliver a motorbike that someone bought from his bike shop in Ballito.  Don't ask me why someone who lives in Lydenburg would buy a bike whilst on holiday in Ballito, they are in total different areas of South Africa and it gets delivered from Johannesburg, but stranger things happen. Whilst Mark went there, I had planned to sort out the house and do all sorts of stuff, but never did. On the way back he stopped off in Dullstroom a quaint fishing town, a beautiful area of South Africa. He went right into the town, I have just been through it on the main road to Sabie and other places in the area, all beautiful areas. He bought us fresh trout, because Chad and I both love trout, Mark does not eat fish, only calamari. I have never cooked fresh fish before, I only make fish from a box and with batter on it already. The man at the trout farm told him how to cook it, to be honest I have a huge problem eating and cooking something that is looking at me whilst I prepare it. So Mark did it on the braai, like the man said. We just finished eating now and I quite liked it, but would rather have had it fried in a pan than on the braai. I had mine with lemon butter and Chad and Mark never had any and Keith had his with garlic butter, but I don't think he enjoyed it. He doesn't like fish either, but I think he just wanted to try it. We had it with salad, so it was quite a healthy supper barring the slathering of butter, but most of it had dripped off into the braai.  If we ever do it again we will do it in tin foil and not on open coals like Mark was told to make it. He also bought fish spice from them and put that on.

So I guess we can put the experience down to something new we have tried in the New Year and I really appreciate the fact that Mark took the trouble to buy and make something that he knows I like, but hardly get to eat. Tomorrow I have to clean out our fridge and one thing I have to do this year is stop wasting food. We throw away such a lot of food it is really becoming a serious problem. Granted Sheila gets a lot of the stuff we buy, but don't cook or eat, but more often than not food is left in the fridge or cupboard untouched until it is past its sell by date and she can't even benefit from our wastage. I know it is such a cliche that there are starving children in Africa and in South Africa, not far from here and they will never get to eat the food we waste, but still it is not good to throw food away. I am also very angry, because I found a 1Kg tub of Dairybelle Fruits Of The Forrest Peaches and Custard Yogurt in the fridge that we have not opened and I checked the sell by date and it is the 16 December 2011 and we bought it from Northgate Pick 'n Pay Hypermarket  on the 16 December 2011. I know it was on that day that we had bought it, because we bought it when we went to do proper grocery shopping, after I had been to the Spiritual Healer and I was not in the mood for shopping in over crowded malls. It was also the day we bought clover fresh cream which had already expired on the 14 December 2011. I took the cream back, because I checked the date the next day and took it back on principal and they never batted an eyelid, they changed it without even looking at the till slip and there were only two fresh tubs in the fridge, so that tells me they had received plenty of complaints. It makes me really mad when stores don't check their shelves. Today I went to Woolworths Food Market at Honeydew Village to buy yogurt and the shelves were empty, the lettuce was already past the sell by date, they had hardly any stock of anything, besides all their Christmas stuff that had not sold. I love their  Ayrshire Peaches and Cream and Strawberry and Cream yogurt, not only is it the best tasting yogurt, but I believe it is the only yogurt that contains yogurt cultures that actually work, it contains Howaru Bifido probiotic cultures and they work. Mark had a tummy bug or upset tummy from something he ate and it has been going on for a few days and I bought us the yogurts and he had two and his "bug cleared up. Then I went to buy more on Friday and they had none, I had taken the last six of each the day before and they had not yet replaced them, I am on antibiotics again, which is a post for another day and luckily they had replaced them, but only six of each, which I bought so they now have none again, the cashier asked me if I am a fan of their yogurts, I am, I love them and I need to eat them, because I am on a very strong dose of antibiotics and the pharmacist said I should take Inter-Flora, but I decided to skip the pills, I have too many, even though it is only Inter-Flora and rather have the yogurt that has other benefits too, except for the "bad for your weight" part, because it is double cream, the other benefits outweigh the bad for your waist issue. I don't know what is happening to the store, it used to be so good, either bad management or a general issue with Woolworths.

Well that is enough blogging for one day, I would say!!
So until tomorrow, next week or next month, you never know with me!!!

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