Thursday, 19 January 2012

Procrastinating - Number One

Number one on my list of 7 Things to do or change in 2012, has to be to stop PROCRASTINATING.

That isn't a goal, but definitely a resolution and I don't make resolutions ever, but it will go on top of my list.

If I had to stop procrastinating then I would not have to make a list of 7 goals for 2012. Procrastinating is my root of all evil, my stumbling block; it is the be all and end all of almost everything.
It is going to be very difficult to monitor and to plot my progress on this one, BUT, the progress of the rest of my SEVEN, will without a doubt tell whether I achieved number one on my list.

The reason why time flies, for me anyway, is because I always put off till tomorrow, what I should do today and I have blogged about this often, I should have learnt the hard way, that there are no guarantees in life that you will even get to see tomorrow, there is no guarantee that your life will not come crashing down and change forever.

I guess it is part of my personality and my character so it is going to be a very difficult thing to change, but there is no harm in trying or even setting out to reach an almost unattainable goal.

The idea of the list of Seven goals and changes came from another person's blog and you can find links to that blog in my previous post by Clicking Here.

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