Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Rest Of Our New Year......

On Monday morning I woke up late again, Mark was already up and he told me we were invited out to lunch by one of his customers/friends. Most of Mark's customers become more like friends than customers, which I mentioned in a previous post. I was annoyed to say the least!! He forgot about it and the guy phoned whilst I was sleeping to remind him. I met the guy for the first time the day before we closed and barely said two words to him, but it was enough to know that I would not like him.

Chad and Mark got into a huge upset with each other over nothing really, other than Chad never doing what he is asked to do or saying he will do it later, he just wants to ..... and then it does not get done. Typical teenage behaviour. So much for my hopes and predictions of a happy peaceful new year, Chad upset, Mark angry, me in tears, but we got to the point where we discussed our feelings as a family, what who does what to upset the next person, what we will do to change etc, good start to a new year I would say. We resolved the ugly upset and then it was off to lunch.  It was so hot and I would have far preferred to stay at home and relax by the pool, but Mark wanted to go, so we went. We went to Rusty Hook, a lovely setting, but the way this guy carried on about how good the food was there, I expected food out of this world, which it was not. Although the setting was lovely, it is just a pub with mediocre food, but he makes out that he is a worldly bachelor with refined tastes. All he is, is an old man that has never managed to find a wife or meaningful significant other.

Within the first five minutes of arriving, this man started boasting about how many beers he drank the day before at Rusty Hook and then drove home on his motorbike. That put my back up immediately!!! Besides the fact that those are the kind of people who should get killed on motorbikes and not my law abiding innocent child, I have no time for people who break the law in anyway and then boast about it. I do not associate with murderers, robbers and rapists and as far as I am concerned anyone who knowingly and willingly endangers an innocent person's life on the road is a potential murderer. It is premeditated and deliberate and that is murder nothing more and nothing less. Mark was under the impression that his girlfriend/lady friend was joining us, it was only him and I don't believe there is even a lady friend as he referred to her. Him and Mark were talking about his boat and Mark asked if he has a boat license, a legal requirement that was brought into law a couple of years ago and he promptly said he has one - he forged it from someone else's license. That the law was only brought into effect to make money out of white people. Racist!!!! By then I had enough and told him exactly what I thought of him and his racist law breaking mentality. Typical of someone who thinks our government is corrupt, but is more corrupt and criminal than any one in government. The double standards of most people in this country. The more he tried to put his racist comments into everything the more, I put in my comments about what I thought of typical Afrikaans people, which he is. Apologies to the Afrikaners, who are not backward and archaic in their views of other races. Don't run down people of other races if, firstly you are in the company of people who do not share your racist view or you don't know what their view is and secondly if you feel insulted when people make remarks about your nation then think before you make comments about other races, languages or beliefs. Keep them to yourself or when you are with other narrow minded bigots like yourself. I can speak my mind as much as the next person about my likes and dislikes!!!. If what I said insulted him and he no longer wants to be Mark's friend/customer too bad. We don't have murderers as customers and in my eyes anyone who is a threat to road users is a murderer waiting to murder.

So the company was terrible,Mark and Chad not included, the conversation was mindless and archaic from a so called learned, worldly man and the food was just as tasteless and bad. I had a Avocado Ritz starter, which was supposed to be prawns, but tasted like shrimps from a tin, covered in a bottle of Thousand Island Sauce, their special Thousand Island sauce, but it came out of bottle, like Knorr Salad dressing. I had King-clip, which was OK, but tiny, with potato wedges, which they call chips and vegetables, which were very nice, I will say. There were so many flies, most of the meal was spent chasing flies away from our food, it was awful, we had to gobble down our meal, in case a fly sat on it as you were putting it into your mouth. I know it is summer and with summer comes flies and with a restaurant next to a dam with ducks and water birds and we also saw goats and horses, so there is bound to be flies, but honestly use citronella candles on the table and an insect zapper to make for a more pleasant time, without flies competing for your food.

Chad had lasagna, which he said was very nice, but as you can see from the photos was pretty bored and not too impressed either.  Mark had a T-Bone steak and never raved about it, but kept saying it was very different, I guess not to insult our "host". He had some of Chad's lasagna and said it was good and that he should have rather had that, which definitely meant his food was not good and then we left. I asked Mark very nicely to choose the company he keeps very wisely in future, because I will not be forced  into keeping company with people with views that I oppose so strongly. The race issue and the law breaking!!!

When we got home we just sat around chatting and Mark and Chad swam, until Mark fell asleep with his precious baby lying on top of him and I have to say I would have preferred a day at home with the rest of our family, who missed us whilst we were out.

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