Monday, 9 January 2012

Ten Pin Bowling

WOW, what an awesome day we had today!!!! We went bowling today, for the first time ever and I have no idea why we have never done it before, it was so much fun and something we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Chad came up with the idea yesterday and nagged and nagged to go today. He was so excited this morning and showered and dressed and nagged and nagged. Mark then decided to clean up the courtyard first, much to Chad's annoyance, then him and Keith went to Northgate to open savings accounts at Capitec bank - they open on Sundays, the only bank that opens on a Sunday and apparently have the best rates and lowest bank charges. By then it was pretty late and I presumed that we were not going to go bowling, but Mark phoned Chad from Northgate and told him to tell me to get ready, because we were going as soon as he got back home.

By the time we left, there was a huge storm brewing, I was not in the mood to go and decided I would just watch, I didn't think it was something I would enjoy. We drove through a hectic storm and I never brought an umbrella with and it was pouring with rain when we arrived at Brightwater Commons, so by then I was really sorry I had come with. Mark dropped me off at the entrance and they went off to find parking. We arrived at the bowling alley drenched and Mark bought tickets for all of us, Keith came with us and we went to go play. Not knowing what to do, having never played before and only seeing it on TV, Keith had played before, so he knew what to expect. I could not believe how much fun it is and that I enjoyed it so much.

Keith won the first round and I came second - WOW!!!. Chad could not believe it, never could I and Mark was just as shocked that I did better than him, but never said so, I just know he was. Shame Chad lost, but was having too much fun to let it worry him. Then Mark won the next one and Keith one the next two with Mark second.

One of the things that put me off going there was the fact that you have to use their shoes. Wearing shoes that have been worn by thousands of others with all sorts of foot ailments or unwashed stinky feet, was just too much for me, it turned my stomach. Even with two pairs of socks, which we each took with.  As we walked in the first thing Keith saw was a sign to stay that due to health reasons they do not have bowling shoes, you have to either play barefoot or in your socks. What a relief that was, that was the turning point for me. Having to wear shoes worn by others was really stressing me out big time and once I discovered I didn't have to I was instantly relaxed.

Isn't it strange how when you think you are going to have a terrible time and don't want to do something it turns out to be the best time ever. Well that happens to me all the time. If I plan something or really look forward to something and expect to have a good time it turns out not so good, but something unexpected or unplanned and done with little thought to it turns out to be great.

We then decided to go for lunch and come back later to play another game. We walked around Brightwater Commons, deciding where to have lunch, looking at the new shops that have opened since we were last there about two years ago, maybe even longer than that.

By then the rain had basically stopped, just on and off drizzle, but so hot and humid. We walked around the flea market looking at all the stuff there. Mark and Chad bought sunglasses and Mark also bought a travel bag. He is going to be travelling up and down to Ballito this year and our travel bags are old and are breaking and he doesn't like using suitcases, so I told him to get one whilst we were there.

After walking around the flea Market and looking at the Koi in the streams and dam for about an hour, by then my hair looked absolutely delightful - not!! I ended up having to buy a hair clip to tie it up, not that it made much difference. We finally stopped at Scrooges for lunch. It was not the best of places to eat. It used to be such a good place, but seems to have gone down. I enjoyed my food though. I had a chicken with cheese and mushroom sauce Spud and it was so filling I could not finish it. Chad had his normal chicken Chicken Schnitzel, he did not finish it and it looked rather dry and Mark and Keith had T-Bones, as usual and they never said it was good or bad. The dogs had leftovers much to their delight and much to my annoyance. I don't like them eating scraps, but Mark sees it as giving them a treat.

What I found very strange and I am obviously so behind with the changing times, there is a Mediterranean restaurant next door to Scrooges and people were smoking hubbleys. All the outside eating areas at the restaurants are right next to each other, but anyway it was Mediterranean and after that we didn't give it any more thought. Then the people sitting next to us also ordered a hubbley from Scrooges. I just find it quite weird that you now smoke hubbleys at a restaurant. Weird, never mind the sucking on something that has been in other people's mouths. I guess each to their own.

The Koi in their stream/large pond/dam are huge and some are so beautiful. The one grey on looked like a baby shark.

After lunch and looking at the Koi, they stopped off and watched the kids at the skate park.

And then we went back to the bowling alley and played three more games. Chad even paid for two of them with his own money, which at R200.00 for a round was a lot for him, but whilst we were paying he just went off and booked a new round.

He wants us to become members and play on a regular basis, because it only costs R10.00 for kids if you are a member and also wants to buy gloves. I have a big blister on my thumb and the bowls are just as dirty as stinky shoes.

Shame he is so sweet he even bought me a rose from the rose seller walking around. He doesn't take after his dad, who hasn't a romantic bone in his body. It was a truly awesome day and fun new thing to try. So we will see if it ends up being a once off or we do end up joining and playing often

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