Sunday, 8 January 2012

Who Has Been Making Babies In The Laundry Basket ?????

Honestly it feels like I have been doing nothing but washing clothes; towels; linen and more for the past three weeks. Obviously by my other posts, I have done other things, but the laundry just never ends. I haven't done washing every day, but most days I have spent the day catching up, but never emptying the baskets. Bare in mind there are only three of us and I am sure there are people out there who do much more than what I do, but it just never ends.

On Tuesday I folded and packed away 22 towels. Twenty two and that did not include the swimming towels that were lying outside that we were using, the towels still hanging up on the wash line and the dirty towels still waiting patiently to get their turn to be washed or the towels already in the linen cupboard I had washed the day before, before going out. OK, so I am sure those were already back in the wash, but still Twenty Two!!! I did not even know I had so many towels in the first place and honestly I don't normally count towels, I am not that obsessed with doing washing although I used to be quite obsessed when it came to doing washing and dirty clothes lying in the wash basket, I have since overcome that obsession, which could be seen as a good thing or a bad thing. I just decided to count them, when the pile never seemed to end.

That does not include the other washing, which considering I had spent most of the previous week in a sarong and costume, it is just mind boggling how the washing never ends. There was also all the washing I had to do from Chad and Mark's trip to Ballito and in all honesty whether the clothes are dirty or clean when we go away everything gets washed when we get back, so there was extra clothes that were not even worn. I ended up dropping off a pile of washing to be ironed at the wishy wash on Wednesday. Fortunately it was done in one day, so we had clothes again. I just did not have the energy to stand and iron. If ironing is not done everyday it becomes a terrible chore to get through. I always say I will keep it up to date when Mark tells me to rather go drop if off to be ironed, but I never do. Needless to say it is over flowing again from the past 3 days and last night Mark said I must take it to be ironed this morning, but I thought I would do it today or at least half, because Sheila should be back on Monday, but half the day has passed already and I have not even started folding the towels again, let alone the ironing. All I have done is wash dirty stuff. I guess I should tackle it or drop it off at the wishy wash again on Monday, because I think it is a bit unfair for Sheila to get back on Monday and be confronted with all this ironing. I really don't feel like it!!!!

So till later .................
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