Friday, 20 January 2012

Working Smarter Not Harder - Number Two

I really need to start WORKING SMARTER and not necessarily harder. If I worked smarter I would have less work to do. I spend more than 50% of every day looking for things. I hate doing filing and you would think that in this digital and paperless age, there would be less papers, BUT that is so not true. I have files and files of paper - invoices; accounts; letters; contracts...... The list just goes on and on. I  never keep my filing up to date or do it on a daily basis, I wait until I am so stressed from looking for important things and am drowning in paper work then tackle it. Below is just some of my filing....

And it is not only my filing, I do it with everything. I leave it till the last minute and then I have to work really hard to get everything done in time, especially for our tax payments and I do it every month without fail, then stress to get it all reconciled and paid in time. Maybe I can only work under pressure or so it seems. Well, we are well into January and I haven't put this into place yet, all my work is really behind. Sometimes it isn't always Procrastinating that stops me from doing things that I want to. Some days I am so overwhelmed with grief and sadness that I just do not have the energy to do what I had planned to do. Sadness and grief don't make appointments in your life, they happen. Then there is the unexpected that life throws at you that adds to the grief and sadness and there is the day gone, maybe two; three four days or more.

Today has been one of those days and I have forced myself to post this now, because if I did not add the 2nd item on my list of SEVEN Changes today, then I would not have done the rest of the list.

I need to commit to a more organised and up to date working life!!!!

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