Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I Wonder... Maybe..... I Doubt It........

If you are wondering what I am wondering about, it is whether or not I will have an Internet Connection or not this afternoon. I seriously doubt it, but if this post is posted today, Monday the 27 Feb, then by some small miracle, I did have Neotel coverage at home today. On Saturday, I had coverage in the morning, then we had a huge rainstorm and there was no longer any coverage. Sunday was a lovely clear sunny day, all day, but still no coverage. Today the little light is flickering green, which means there is coverage, but it is slower than the old dial up modems and very intermittent, so we will see how long it lasts. To say I am totally unimpressed with Neotel is an understatement. A few people have seen my little modem and have asked about it and I have told them what my honest opinion of Neotel is. Don't get it!!!! One thing about living in South Africa, you always have to have a back up for a back up for a back up......... I forgot to mention in my previous post about Unlucky Friday The 10th, that the whole morning I also had no MTN coverage. I was using Mark's MTN modem and the whole morning there was no coverage. I was really looking forward to having my Neotel modem delivered the following week, because a) I would not have to keep using Mark's modem and b) if MTN was having problems with coverage, I would have a back up. Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Well Mark and Chad went down to Ballito, the business is finally opening down there and they had to take stuff down. John went with. It ended up taking them 12 hours to get down there, because the trailer kept swaying badly if they went over 75Km's. They did not pack the trailer properly and the weight was all on one side. They went down with two bakkies and a car. Keith has moved down and finally we have our home to ourselves. I hate people invading my space and now if I want to sit in the garden in my nightie I can or hang up washing before getting dressed etc. I must say Keith is extremely rude. He stayed at our house rent free for 8 months or longer, ate the food I cooked, but left without even saying good bye or thank you. According to Mark, it is because I was "sleeping". I may have been "sleeping" when they left at 4am, but I certainly was not sleeping when he came in to get his supper and nor was I sleeping when he packed my duvet set, which was on the bed in the room he stayed in. Yes, he packed up our linen with his stuff. Mark does not see the problem with it and says we can get it back, but it is the principal. How do you take something that does not belong to you. He also took the towels, not that I want them back after he has used them, but in my opinion that is theft. You don't strip a bed and take the linen by mistake!! The reason why he moved up to Johannesburg and stayed with us, was because his girlfriend kicked him out and then he still cannot say thank you for letting him stay here. He might have thanked Mark, which I doubt, but he did not thank me. Mark and his choice of friends and people who take advantage of him and use him will always be a bone of contention between us.

Phineas, one of our staff members went down with them, because they had to take a second bakkie. It is the first time that Phineas has been down to the coast and has never seen the sea ever. Apparently, he was blown away and so shocked when he saw the sea. As they were driving towards the beach, Mark pointed out the sea to him and he said it was the sky and not water and as they got closer he was just dumb struck at the amount of water. It is actually very sad that the average South African does not ever get to see the rest of the country or ever get to do the things the minority of us take for granted. OK, I have never seen snow, but that is by choice, plus the ocean is part of the land and sky and not a season or weather condition. In winter we could get in the car and drive a few hours and see snow, it just has not been at the top of my list to see. But for a grown man to see the sea for the first time and be so in awe of the magnificence of the ocean is really sad. Chad says he was so excited to see it and that for himself, Chad, it is nothing and he can't even remember what it was like seeing it for the first time and I said that is because he saw it from a baby and obviously going on holiday, there is always the excitement and the game of "who spots the sea first", but it is not the same as seeing it for the first time ever. They went down to the beach for a bit, because it was late and eventually Phineas was swimming in the sea with Chad and John. He now wants to take his family down so they can also see what it is like. He has a son a year younger than Chad, but is divorced from the mother and is hoping his son will be allowed to go down with him if he goes down again. It was a very ugly divorce and his ex-wife's family try to keep his son away from him. He has since remarried and has a baby daughter who was born in December and he wants to take them all down to see the ocean.
Chad, John, Phineas - Ballito 

Aha, I had to retype the last paragraph six times. I guess technology dislikes me as much as I dislike it. My laptop overheated and crashed four times whilst typing this post yesterday and then when it started working again, Neotel stopped working. The photo that I have posted above of John; Chad and Phineas in the sea is not a good photo at all, Mark took it with his phone and sent it to me. He has a Samsung Android phone, but won't use it, he uses a cheap R100.00 Nokia phone and every time he is due for an upgrade he gets the latest phone, which stays in the box, until one day when he gives it away and buys a cheap phone which he then uses. Does not make sense at all, but that is Mark. Anyway, the photo will have so many memories for Chad one day, reminding him of a fun time him and John had and the simple pleasure they had experiencing the sea with Phineas.

Yesterday afternoon a bird fell down our chimney into the lounge, but I will blog about that later. I need to do some work now.

Till next time, if technology is kind to me
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