Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Unlucky Friday The 10th

No I did not mean Friday the 13th, but the question remains, why do we all worry about Friday the 13th being an unlucky day or bad day. I was one of those very superstitious people, believing in the bad luck of Friday the 13th, until Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th, became the worst days ever for me. The day Clinty died. The 16th of any month is just terrible for me, I hate the 16th and somehow psychologically and mentally, I do not even acknowledge the date of the 16th ever, only on the 16 March, do I actually take note of the date the 16th. The rest of the months, for some strange phenomenon, I get through the day without even noticing that the date is the 16th.

Back to my post heading. On Friday the 10th, I woke up at the normal time to a wet miserable rainy day. I hate that kind of weather, when you know the clouds are heavy with rain and it won't clear up for the rest of the day. Traffic becomes hectic, where not only the normal traffic criminals are out in full force, but everyone else tends to go crazy on the roads,more traffic lights are out than normal and the roads are just a recipe for disaster. I hate it!! So my day was already looking bleak and weary, in tune with the weather.

My hairdryer kept overheating and I had to wait and wait forever for it to turn on again, that made me late, not that drying hair mattered in the rainy weather. Spending hours to dry your hair, just to get it all damp again in the rain. We left for school and work, stuck in traffic, driving with caution amongst all the idiots, actually not idiots, but potential murderers. Then at work everything that could go wrong with cars and spares, went wrong, so it was not only me that was having a bad day, but Mark as well and working when it is raining for them is not fun either.

I went to fetch Chad from school and just before he got to the car, I realized that I had left my lights on whilst waiting for him. I had not even parked outside the school for 10 minutes and my battery was flat. Fortunately it was not too flat and we could push start it - push starting your car outside a private high school not so favourable :). Why the battery went flat after only 10 minutes can only be put down to unlucky Friday the 10th, the reason we would have put it down to if it happened on Friday the 13th. After the really hectic morning and everything going wrong, I left late to fetch Chad, I had not done the wages yet, so I left my laptop at work, planning to go back after dropping Chad off at home. When we arrived home, I remembered that Sheila had told me when I phoned her earlier, that the kitchen sink drain was blocked. My plan to drop Chad off and go straight back to work was not about to happen. All I had at home to unblock the drain was Bicarbonate of Soda, which normally works well. It did not. I tried and tried with a whole box of Bicarb and boiling kettle water to no avail. We had to scoop most of the water out into a bucket and then I had to leave for work again. The afternoon was no better and I eventually managed to do the wages at 4pm.

Luckily Chad stayed at home and could let Sheila and Rabie, our gardener out, but his friend's father was coming to pick him up at 4.30pm and I still had to stop off at the shops to buy drain cleaner. What did I do, I left my lights on AGAIN and my battery went flat again!!! I was panicking, because Chad was alone at home and although he is old enough to stay alone at home, there is always the reminder that our house was burgled in broad daylight around 5pm in the afternoon. I also did not want to inconvenience his friend's father. Chad phoned them to say I was running late, so they came a bit later. Needless to say the drain cleaner did not unblock the drain and I used the whole bottle and boiling kettle water and the next morning both sinks were still full of water. I have a thing about blocked drains, it is almost an obsession and even if I think the drains are blocking up, I buy drain unblock. I could not sleep that night, because the kitchen drain was blocked and had nightmares about it. Stupid I know, when there are far more serious things to worry about. Mark had to go to work and the whole morning the drain was bugging me, so I took off all the rubber pipes looking for the blockage  and the last one which connects to the metal pipe was too difficult to disconnect, so I left it for Mark to do. The blockage was further down the metal pipe and we had to flush it out with the hose pipe. We have had to do that about four times since, so I guess the pipes are old and need to be replaced and concrete dug up and and and............

My luck has not improved since then and everything just keeps going wrong. I finally cancelled both my Mweb ADSL and my Telkom line and we took out a Neotel contract for 24 months after checking that the coverage at home was good and at work excellent. I decided to go with Neotel, because not only do they promote, market and advertise themselves as the best communication and internet company to hit South Africa, but also because it was a special they were promoting - a wireless router and a free Android Tablet. Chad wanted the tablet, so I signed up with them. Only to find out that there is NO COVERAGE at our house. So good means no coverage and excellent means OK coverage.  I am really mad about it and cannot understand how a company can market themselves as the new best thing to hit the country when they do not have coverage. I am told there is excellent coverage about three roads down from our house and all I will get is spillage. How on earth do they have coverage only in parts of a suburb and we do not live in some remote rural area, it does not make sense that a company that is competing with other companies only cover a small section of an area. So the day I started this post I had about 15 minutes of spillage and could access the internet. For the rest of the time I have no access. Will I recommend Neotel? NO and a big definite NO!!! After having a complete disaster with Telkom and Mweb, now Neotel, I think the universe is trying to tell me something - I must give up my online life, not that I am a full on internet junkie, but only access it when necessary!!! I should have just gone straight back to MTN 3G, but the idea was to have a wireless router so that we could all connect with our laptops and tablets and that Chad can also connect with his android phone and now the new tab. He hardly uses his laptop, but is loving the tab, which now costs extra in data bundles. I don't see the point of getting 7 MTN 3g modems when we have companies like Telkom and Neotel advertising and promoting all these wonderful wireless options connecting your whole company/household to one connection, yet they don't work.

So until such time that I figure out what to do, my blog posts will be few and far between as I can only update when I have time at work, where the silly little Neotel router works. I will be posting December posts next December or maybe the year after. Argh!!!

The Router That Is Causing Me So Much Stress, I Am Ready To Smash It

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