Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Weekend

I started this post on Sunday and just has I started we had another huge storm. Sunday storms are as regular as clockwork. The lightning and thunder is just so bad all the time, even Spike is starting to get scared. Storms never bothered him and Miss Piggy. She is still OK. I don't know if it is because the storms are bad or he picks it up from Jingles, Pluto and Garfield. They hate the storms. I decided after my modem was hit by lightning that I will unplug everything during these really bad storms, although I am not even sure when my modem was hit, it definitely was not during a very bad storm, but now will rather be safe than sorry. I still do not have my own internet connection, still deciding which route to go and using Mark's never gives me much time to blog.

Last Saturday, the day after my birthday I suddenly felt very sick and nauseas in the afternoon. I thought perhaps the cake I made was too rich, but during the night I was up most of the night with stomach cramps and diarrhea. I spent the whole day in bed on Sunday and it just got worse and worse. Monday morning I got up to take Chad to school and started vomiting and still had a runny tummy. Mark took Chad to school and bought me valoid and Imodium, nothing helped and eventually on Tuesday I went to the doctor, because I was starting to dehydrate as I couldn't keep anything in and did not feel like eating or drinking. By Wednesday afternoon I started to feel better. I am so sick and tired of being sick. I am started to feel like a Medical Marvel. A name I used to give to people who always had the most outrageous illnesses and the worst case of every disease and the best doctors and specialists in the world. OK I don't go as far as "the best doctor" syndrome, but I am always sick and it always gets worse and worse.  Before Clint died if I went to the doctor once or twice a year it was a lot. Now I hate going to doctors and always end up getting sick and self medicating does not help. It just gets worse, so I am really feeling like a Medical Marvel right now.

On Friday night we went bowling again. I was still feeling very drained and washed out, but Chad wanted to go and we had not been for a couple of weeks, so we went. I had two free games for my birthday and we each had a free game for Valentine's day. I still have my free Valentine's day game, but it has to be used by the 14th or you forfeit it and I don't think we will be going this week. None of us really played very well, it was so hot and of course I was not feeling very well, which did not help. Mark won the first game and I think Keith won the second game. We had dinner at Brazza afterwards, its a new restaurant, part of the Ocean Basket Franchise. I had Baby Kingklip  and veggies, I was a bit disappointed in it, but everyone else enjoyed their food.

Chad and his friend, John went to movies on Saturday, they went to see Jack and Jill. apparently it is really funny. I want to see it, but will wait until it comes out on DVD. John slept over and Mark decided we should have a fondue instead of making supper.

Sunday was a very relaxed day of doing nothing. Mark bought Spike a new toy when he went to buy them food. He always only buys one toy for Spike and Miss Piggy to share. Jingles and Pluto don't play with toys ever, not even when they were younger. Jingles played with a ball now and again and to be honest I have never known a dog to love toys as much as Spike does. Piggy just plays for the sake of playing when Spike plays, but Spike simply goes crazy when he gets a new toy. He really appreciates his toys and just knows the toy is new and for him. He is like a little child and when he gets a new toy he even sleeps with it. They never last long, not even Kong's. This one looks like it might last awhile.

Well it is already Wednesday and will hopefully get to publish this post today. I have been so busy this week and have not had a chance to blog and it is almost time to go and play with Spike. He knows at 4 it is time to play and brings me his toy and barks until I go outside and play with him. He is such an intelligent dog.

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