Monday, 26 March 2012

Back On Line

Finally, I have internet access at home all the time. On Tuesday, the person that I had been dealing with at Neotel, after lodging a complaint on hello peter, phoned me to say she had listened to the recording of the telephone call when I confirmed Neotel coverage at my home address and that they would cancel my contract based on the fact that there is no coverage at my home address. I feel for the sales consultant who will probably get into trouble, because he was not the only one who confirmed that the coverage at my home address was good. I phoned three times and confirmed that there was coverage at both our home and work address, before we took out the coverage. All three, plus the person who did the contract all said excellent at our business address and good at my home address. Good was spillage, which meant that I was lucky if I did have coverage. Strangely, on very windy days i had coverage. On clear days or rainy days there was nothing.

The whole time that I had been complaining, their argument was that there was excellent coverage at our business address. The reason for using our business address was for convenience for their courier company. Either Mark or myself would have been at work to sign for the package, but at home, if I was out then they would have had to come back, as only the contract holder or nominated signatory could receive the package. Finally, someone at Neotel got that and it has now been cancelled and they are coming to collect the modem tomorrow, Monday. Lets hold thumbs the contract was cancelled properly and that we won't have a fight afterwards. I still don't get how a company can advertise that they are the leading telecommunications company when they don't have coverage in a built up area that has been around longer than they have. I don't live in the sticks or in a rural area or a farm. There is excellent coverage 6Km's up the road and allegedly, 2 streets down the road, but not at my address. Weird, but lets hope it is all in the past now.

I now have an MTN share-link modem and it WORKS!!!! Even setting it up took literally less than a minute. We all connected in minutes, nothing like the two day hassle I had with Neotel. Why didn't I go through MTN in the first place? In the past 6 months I have had Mweb adsl, which was a disaster because my Telkom line was always down, then Neotel now back to MTN. I went from MTN 3G pay-as-you-go to Mweb, to Neotel and back to MTN share-link. When I was having hassles with Telkom and Mweb, I phoned MTN about their share-link and they had nothing in stock, so after researching Neotel, I just went with them, research never helped in the instance.

And below is my little router that got us back online
My Share-Link Router

In other news. On Saturday I decided to make a chicken pie for dinner. Wow, what hard work pie making is. I made the pastry from scratch though. The first time I have ever made puff pastry and it is really hard work, but came out pretty well. The pie filling was a bit dry and the only reason I can come up with, is because I used tinned mushrooms instead of fresh mushrooms and also I chopped them very fine. Other than that for my first attempt at pie making, it was pretty delicious. No photos though. After spending 5 hours in the kitchen making it, it was almost 8pm when I dished up so there was no energy left to take photos. I also served it with roast potatoes and peas, like in the recipe, which can be found over here. I used a recipe from All Recipes. Com to make the puff pastry. It was time consuming, but not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.

Today was spent helping Chad study for exams which start this week. The fighting, nagging, shouting and expectant cheek and insolence is just so draining. He is writing Social Sciences and English tomorrow. Social Sciences being what we knew as history. I hated history when I was at school. i remember it was about the French Revolution or Jan Van Riebeek, so boring, but now they learn about segregation and apartheid, also about the Holocaust and Human rights, so much more interesting. Something we can relate to and the injustices of the past. We had a good laugh whilst I was asking him questions for English. In the text book they had to name the Occupations in the list below. There was a list of about 15 and the fifth one was:
Someone addicted to alcohol is called an alcoholic.  Um, is that a new occupation?? I guess for some it is a full time occupation.
Another one, that made me laugh, until I almost cried was not the text book, but Chad's answer-
A person that collects stamps - Chad's answer "a Loser" and the jury is still out on whether he was dead serious or joking
Well that's all for today, at least now I am able to post on the day, I write something and not have to save it on word for a another day when coverage spills over my house.

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