Thursday, 12 April 2012

April 2012 School Holidays

If you can call it school holidays - they were over in a blink of the eye. I was shocked last week on Wednesday, when I read a traffic report saying that the roads would be very busy on Easter Monday, because Tuesday was the start of school. OK, Chad's school started today, but still I thought they had another week. It was 10 days and this year Easter fell during the school holidays, last year they had April school holidays went back to school for about 10 days and then had another 10 days off with Easter and public holidays and extra school days off in between. This year they were really short changed and their math teacher gave them homework for the holidays- can you believe it, such a short holiday and homework on top of it.

I must say Chad did not have the best of holidays, he was at home alone and I am sure very bored and lonely, with everyone else having gone on holiday. He could have gone with Mark to Ballito, but he decided to rather stay at home with me. On the Friday that school finished, we found out that our neighbours were robbed. Well more than just robbed, their cleaning lady was tied up, but fortunately no one was hurt. The robbers came to the gate, saying they were there to spray the ants and when she said that her boss never told her they were coming, she then walked towards the house and they jumped over the gate and over powered her and tied her up and took what they wanted. that put a damper on the start of the holidays, realising again how vulnerable we are to crime. They were robbed at about 9;15 in the morning, were in the house for less than 15 minutes, but got enough to make them happy and I think Spike actually frightened them off. We checked our security cameras and he was barking at the postman and going crazy at the time that they were in the house. Sheila did not even know that our cul-de-sac was full of police cars and security vans that morning - the joys of high walls I guess, we have them for security reasons, but they also aid criminals, because no one sees over the high walls, although I must say even without the threat of crime, I wouldn't want to live without high walls. I prefer the privacy of high walls to having no walls or fences.

Dean came around on Friday night and then again on Sunday he came for a braai. I baked a Lemon Meringue  Pie and a Milk Tart. The Milk Tart was really good for my first attempt, the Lemon Meringue not so good. I will post the recipes sometime. On the Saturday, we didn't do anything, slept and lazed around for most of the day. Friday was a very late night. Dean left just before 1am and then I still had to bath, so I got to bed close to 2am - we don't do late nights!! In fact we did not even realize it was so late when he left.

Mark went to Ballito on Wednesday and I had to open and lock up at work, so I had to fetch Chad when Sheila left and take him back to work with me. I was not leaving him at home alone, after the neighbours were robbed during the day. He was not too happy about it, but there was not an option. All he did during the holidays was watch movies and TV or play online games. He has been playing online pool and sometimes chats to his "opponents" and he gets highly amused at the comments when he says he is from South Africa. Comments range from "you have a very English name for an African" to "wow that's hardcore" or shame. What the hell???? Honestly, we don't walk around in the bush with assegais and spears, wearing loin cloths. We live normal lives just like anywhere else in the world. There is nothing "hardcore" about our lives, OK, nothing hardcore other than getting robbed at 9am, but in general. Our life is very hardcore boring, mediocre and just plain and simple everyday living.

Even Our Dogs Lead Boring Lives

Leave Me I Am Trying To Sleep

Nighty - Night

Mark came back from Ballito on Saturday and Friday being a public holiday, Chad and I did nothing both on Friday and Saturday. In fact Friday we only really surfaced at 3pm when we went to go and buy KFC for late lunch early supper and on Saturday we never even left the house. On Sunday we took Chad to Gold Reef City for the day. He enjoyed himself, even though it was just him and his boring parents. I hate going on the rides, Mark isn't that keen on going on them either and after having a back operation he can't go on most of them. He went on a couple with Chad, we all went on the Raging Rapids which I don't mind and I went with to see a 4D movie, nothing to write home about, some pirate movie, but it was better than the last one I saw there.
Chad at the Science Exhibition
Chad & Mark On The Dream Boat

Cute Little Piglets In The Farm Yard - Check The Harnesses 

 I will post the other photos at the end of this post. So in effect we had a very quiet boring Easter Weekend - nothing hardcore at all. AND, we never had a single Easter Egg or Hot Cross Bun. Chad didn't want Easter Eggs, so I never bought any, we eat enough junk anyway.

On Monday, I made a late breakfast and boy did we find the mystery egg. We had this really large egg in the fridge. It was in a pack of eggs from Eggspert Golden Yolk Eggs, it was just abnormally large and as I cracked it and dropped it into the pan, I got the fright of my life, another egg was inside it, a tiny complete egg. Well that has put us off eggs for a very long time.

The Hidden Mystery Egg In An Egg - Gross

So that was our April holidays in a nutshell - a very teeny tiny nutshell. Today was back to school, back to traffic and back to routine. And for some very good news, Chad got 87% for his accounting exam - SO PROUD OF YOU CHAD!!!!!

Yesterday I had to go for physio. I have had a stiff and very sore neck for almost a week now. On Saturday, the pain started radiating down my shoulder to my elbow, so that put a damper on my time at Gold Reef City. I am becoming such a Medical Marvel, always sick with some ailment or other, that won't heal with self medication. I have to go for more physio tomorrow. It has been quite painful and the physio said that my neck is extremely stiff and sense, but if I compare it to my tooth abscess in November it is more discomfort than pain. It is starting to feel better now, I could barely type or hold my mouse earlier today and yesterday and I am sure it will be better after tomorrow's physio. We need to go buy a new bed, our bed is finished. It is 10 years old and with dogs and Chad jumping on it over the years it is now finished and that is the only reason I can find that could have caused my stiff neck. I think the massage chair might have worsened it. Instead of going on it for only 20 minutes like you are supposed to,  I carried on over and over to try and get rid of the stiffness in my neck and stayed on it for over an hour and I think that may have caused more damage.

And this is the end of our evening, OK my arm is really sore now. Earlier it was OK, but now it is starting to ache so I guess I have over done it.
Miss Piggy With Her Head On Chad's Lap As Usual

Spike As Usual On The Massage Chair  That Damaged My Neck

Jungles & Pluto Sleeping Next To Where I was Sitting As Usual
Excuse all the typos, grammatical errors, spelling errors - too tired & sore to care

Good Night

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