Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sleep Time

This is sleep time in our house

Garfield Hidden Away On Clint's Bed

Miss Piggy & Pluto 

There Is A Jack Russel Called Jingles Under There


Last night when I came out the bathroom, Mark was already asleep and had put all the babies to bed. Not Garfield, she puts herself to bed. She has found a new spot on Clint's bed, all hidden away between the curtains and pillows. I disturbed her when I took the photo, she is usually so well hidden. She always sleeps on Clint's bed, but now has chosen a new spot. Her blankets are on Clint's bed, mainly to stop all her hair shedding on his bed, but that never works, she usually hides under her blankets,  but now this is her new spot.

Pluto sleeps right next to my bed, OK, our room is small, but there are empty spaces that would be far better, but he won't sleep in his bed if I put it anywhere else. Miss Piggy's bed is next to his, but she sleeps in Chad's bed, then comes to our bed and then eventually kicks Pluto out of his bed and he goes off to her bed or she sleeps on top of him - that is if she does not stay on our bed the whole night. So I was quite surprised to find her already in Pluto's bed last night. They are Yin and Yang; Ebony & Ivory; The Inseparable Twins. Chad's friend stayed over, so that was the reason why she was in her bed I guess. Then as I was about to fall asleep, she heard Chad's voice, wandered off to his room, was confused because he was in the lounge, came back to our room, went to his room again, went to drink water in the other bathroom, came back to bed, then stood by me waiting for me to lift her up and that went on for about 30 minutes and finally she fell asleep in Pluto's bed.

Jingles sleeps in a corner of the room away from the bed, and away from her siblings, otherwise she growls at them all night. If she is not completely covered to shivers and whimpers and makes funny sounds, almost as if she has nightmares. She is such a nervous whimpering dog. Sometimes she creeps into our bed or runs off and hides under Clint's pillows. I guess that is where Garfield got the idea from. Clint's room is her sanctuary from her siblings her irritate and annoy her.

Spike sleeps right next to his dad (Mark). Now that it is getting colder, he goes off to Chad's room during the night and mostly chases Piggy away if she is still in Chad's bed. So last night they all slept exactly where they are meant to sleep. They all wish they could sleep in our bed and take chances. Jingles and Spike can jump up quietly without me knowing till I wake up and find one of them under the blankets. Both Miss Piggy and Pluto whimper and squeal to get lifted up - or Piggy barks and Garfield wanders onto our bed from time to time. If it storms she always comes to us.

And I wonder why I have a stiff painful neck, shoulder blades and arm!!!!

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