Friday, 27 April 2012

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On Tuesday night it was Parent's Evening and reports were handed out, Chad's report was far better than last year, except he failed art. He did not learn for the exam at all, which was very clear by his actual exam mark, because his class work mark did not even bring up his term mark. He obviously had this whole "oh it's only art" attitude, thinking it would be easy, but fell flat with all the theory. He is not taking art as a subject next year, so from that point of view it is not serious, but failing it, doesn't look good and it brings his average mark right down. I am very proud of him overall, because his Accounting; EMS; Music and Life Orientation were all in the 70's. All of his teachers, except the Afrikaans teacher had only good things to say about him and his Social Sciences & EMS teacher said she wished all the students were like him, he was a pleasure to teach. There is a definite personality clash with him and his Afrikaans teacher and we have had a week of drama with her. He was very angry on Monday and Tuesday, because she was discussing Religion during the lessons on both days and he felt she was being disrespectful to both the Jewish and Christian beliefs, yet she is supposedly a Christian herself and the discussion became very heated and according to Chad she was fueling the anger amongst the kids. He then never did the homework that she gave them on Monday and was then given punishment to do on Tuesday. Her and I clashed as well, because I do not believe that disrespecting other people's beliefs should be encouraged by a teacher, especially considering that the school is non-denominational and their ethos is to respect everyone no matter what colour, creed or religion they are. I believe that to and teach Chad that at home. I do not even force my own beliefs onto him or tell him that my beliefs are the right. I never discussed the issue with her, but defended him for not doing his homework and I then took the matter up with the school. They are very good about investigating complaints and they also listen to the child's side of the story as well. The teacher denied saying what she did and said it was the students arguing with each other. Unfortunately, all the other kid's in the class who were also angry and offended by her comments, were too scared to say anything when the principal asked them. They were scared of being victimized, but another parent also complained to the school and the principal agrees that she should never have encouraged such a controversial discussion, because there is a very diverse group of children in the school. One thing about the school is that they do get to the bottom of complaints and she said I must discuss it with Chad over the break and if he is still unhappy about what was said, we will have a meeting at the school, but we have already decided we are going to put it behind us and just get on with school work.

First Term Report Grade 9

As for my arm and neck, there has not been much improvement since last week. Some days it is less painful, but it is always there. The physiotherapist organised a home traction unit for me, which I bought on Tuesday, but have only used it twice, on Tuesday and today, so can't say if it is helping. I am supposed to use it three times a day for 10 to 15 minutes, but just don't have the time. I did notice today that it makes my jaw "shake" don't know how else to explain it and I am now more convinced than ever before that the operation on my jaw has messed up my neck and the nerves to my shoulder. I might just not use it, until I have spoken to the physio after the long weekend, in case I do more damage. The animals are very curious about this strange contraption and the dogs always sniff it, now Garfield has also started investigating this new thing that is keeping me away from them. I think they think the water bag is a new animal in the house. It goes over a door with the material under my chin, whilst I sit on a chair and a bag filled with water for the weight behind the chair back

Top Part

Water Filled Bag

Tomorrow is Freedom Day and Tuesday is Workers day, so we have two Public Holidays, a weekend and a work day in between. Mark decided on Tuesday that we should close on Monday and go away, although I have been asking him for almost a month now if we are going to close and he couldn't make up his mind. Then decided we need a break, but everywhere was fully booked and he did not want to drive very far, because then it is not much of  a rest, so now we are not going. Then earlier today he decided that he is not closing on Monday, because they have far too much work, then said that the staff can work tomorrow and have Monday off, to have a long weekend, but the one new guy can't work tomorrow, he said he will work on Monday, so that is the end of our long weekend, because Mark is working on Monday and Friday and I will probably go in as well. I was so looking forward to a rest. So no sleeping late tomorrow. At least the weather has warmed up today. It has been so cold and dark and grey the whole week with rain as well.

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