Sunday, 20 May 2012

Chad's 15th Birthday

Well Chad turned 15 on Saturday, I can't believe it - time just flies. I can't say that it went without the normal birthday blues, but I won't spoil this post with details of that, except to say that he had his present for a week before his birthday. He wanted a pellet gun, he is into guns and I really don't like guns at all, but I don't want him to have a motorbike; I don't want him to have a quad bike; I don't want him to have a gun - everything is about what I don't want and it is a bit unfair. We gave Clint a pellet gun for his 14th birthday and I am very aware of the fact that I think Clint was far more responsible than Chad at that age and he really was. Chad had been using Clint's pellet gun for awhile, but he always asked me if he could use it or just take it out and look at it without shooting it. The other day I decided to give it to him, I am sure that Clint would have wanted his brother to have it. Now it is his and he does not have to ask every time he wants to use it. I gave it to him on the Thursday, but he still wanted a pellet gun for his birthday, but not the normal one like Clint's. He wanted one that looks like a hand gun. Mark took him to look at guns and they found the one he wanted, but it was the only one in stock so they bought it there and then. Instead of putting it away until his birthday, he used it, so he had nothing to open on his birthday. I told him that he is going to be disappointed, because his birthday would be just a normal Saturday, the gun was very expensive and that is all he was getting

On Friday, I went and bought him some Lindt Chocolates, Aftershave, because he started shaving the week before, Toblerone and M&M's so he would have a present to open on his birthday and of course a birthday card and then baked him a cake. Now I have already alluded to the fact that his birthday was full of his usual birthday blues and it started from when I fetched him from school. So I had this moody teenager and a nagging dog wanting me to play with him whilst I was baking.

Spike Nagging Me To Come Play With Him

Chad did not want icing on his cake, he just wanted a plain dry cake, so we argued about that and then he wanted me to cut a piece of the cake, before I iced it, so I took a cookie cutter and cut out a circle in the middle of the top half of the cake, stuck a candle in it and took it to him, on Friday night and said it was his cake.

Chad's Mini Cake & Candle

Neither Mark nor Chad like icing sugar, so I put fresh cream in the middle of the cake and caramel on top and just tried to write his name with icing sugar, my creative skills are non existent.

On Saturday morning his friend, John was dropped off at about 8, Mark had to go to work to give a customer his car and the rest of the morning was a bit of a disaster, because of Chad's birthday blues, but as always targeted at me. Later on we went to Randburg Raceway and had they had two races there. We never booked, so they could only have two races.

Chad Go-Karting

We left there and went to Dirt Ryders, outdoor go-karting, but they have really gone down the tubes and the go-karts are not maintained at all.

Chad At Dirt Ryders

Having Lunch At Dirt Ryders

Chad Mark John
We went home, I made chocolate brownies, because Chad wanted them, but used one of those box cake mix ones and they did not come out to well, then we went to Cattle Barron for Dinner. Whilst we were getting ready to go out, Spike was nagging us to play with him again, he was really feeling left out and in the end, just lay on our bed sulking with his toy, because everyone was ignoring his pleas to go out and play.

Spike Sulking With His Toy

Chad and John spent the evening playing X-Box at Cattle Baron, in between having dinner. Mark and the boys had burgers of all things for dinner and they were really not nice at all.They were dry and tasteless apparently. I had chicken Tahiti and it was very good .

Chad Mark John - Cattle Barron

Chad & John Cattle Barron

Mark At Cattle Barron

Chad & John Playing X-Box

Chad John

We had dessert at home, chocolate brownies with fresh cream and ice cream and chocolate cake.

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