Friday, 11 May 2012

Miss Piggy - You Are Just So Cute

I love all of our animals and they are all very cute and special in their own ways. Each have their very own characters, but Miss Piggy is just extra special. I can't let Pluto hear me say that, because he is my special baby and mine alone. Miss Piggy reminds me of a cuddly, fluffy toy, but she is not even that lovable, well not to me that is. The only time she loves me is when I bake her special peanut butter biscuits. Finally her tummy has settled and she can eat just about everything and anything like the other dogs. We would have a major problem if her tummy was still sensitive to her home-made biscuits. As soon as she hears my mixer going she comes running into the kitchen, if I am not baking for her she soon loses interest and leaves me. She must smell the peanut butter, because she stays by me until they are baked and cooled and she can have one, two, three, many.
Piggy's Peanut Butter Biscuits.

OK, they are not only hers, she shares with her siblings and I also make them cheese and oats biscuits, but she thinks they are only hers. I love how she sits and sometimes stands and puts her front paw straight out, her way of asking nicely for a biscuit from me. I have never taught her to give me her paw, before I give her a treat, she just does it out of her own. The other day Mark tried it. He gave her a bit of sausage and she refused to put out her paw, I broke off another piece of sausage and she immediately sat down and stuck her paw out. I have to get a photo of her doing that. It looks so cute, this short stumpy leg straight out. Some mornings, when she has biscuits, they don't last even a week, she gets so excited, she tries to stick both front paws out, balancing on her hind legs. It is the funniest thing to see.

Fluffy Cuddly Toy Dog

The other time she loves me, is at night. She falls asleep with Chad, sleeping on his pillow or under his duvet, then around 11pm she comes to our room and stands by my side of the bed and tries to get up and wanders around until I lift her up, then she snuggles up against my legs, with her head on my legs and that is how I have to sleep. If she doesn't get up onto our bed, she climbs on top of Pluto and sleeps by him for the night. Poor Pluto, he always has this heavy lump on him and considering he is such a grumpy dog, he must love her to bits, because he just allows it. So sweet, the youngest and oldest in the house who are the best of friends. Oldest of dogs, not animals, Garfield is the oldest and the queen of the house.

Best Friends

Do I Look Like A Pillow?

Ah Well At Least I am Warm

Please Get Off Me You Are Heavy
The other time that she comes to me is when someone is sitting on her chair. The end of the couch where her and Pluto are lying, belongs to her and she gets very upset if someone is sitting there and they won't move, then she will come and sit by me, until I tell whoever is sitting there to move. Otherwise, she cuddles by Chad.

My Head Rest

The other night I got such a fright, I walked into our room and found this

Just Chilling

I'm So Relaxed

This is the life, don't disturb

She just has the most awesome character, but at times can be quite the monster, but mostly just a lovable cute little fluffy toy.

Where's dessert

I don't know how you breathe with all your funny sleeping positions, but somehow you manage and contradict all the facts about Bull Dogs

I'm Really Not Suffocating

Miss Piggy, you have brought so much joy to our lives at a time when we really needed it. The other's brought love and comfort, but you some how managed to bring joy and smiles.

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