Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Who Did It??????

I walked into my bedroom earlier and found Spike stretched out on my bed, Jingles sitting at the top half of the bed and Pluto and Miss Piggy on the floor. All pretty innocent, you would say, except it wasn't so innocent, because on my bed lay my sunglasses, well the frame and on the floor lay a set of lenses that should have been part of the frames lying on the bed.

One look and Spike could easily have been blamed, because he was on the bed, right by the frames. Jingles and Pluto are innocent, there is no doubt about that, but something tells me that the guilty party was a certain little Bull Dog who heard me coming and jumped off the bed and stood in the room all innocently and did a cute little dance when she saw me. Butter couldn't melt in that sweet little mouth, just like all the times I caught her with my blackberry.

She had a thing about my blackberry and would go out of her way to get it. I once caught her climbing onto the coffee table from the couch just to get to it. I have to say blackberry's are pretty bulldog resistant, because she had a good chew on it at least 10 different times and I still used it - it worked fine, except my photos came out very blurry. I didn't want to get a new one to only end up having that chewed. It eventually gave up and I had to get a new one, but chose a white one and she has never bothered with the white one. I can leave it lying anywhere and it can ring next to her and she doesn't bother with it. She had a thing about the black one and attacked it at every chance she got - and they say dogs can't see colours and can't distinguish between black and white. One day I found her with it and there was a call from a "withheld number" which had been answered. Wonder what they thought - probably someone trying to sell me a cellphone contract - don't think they expected a growling bulldog on the other end.

Now she has a thing for sunglasses or it was just spite, because I never played with her and Spike, so best I go and play with them before she finds something else to destroy. I thought her chewing days were over!!! You might ask, who leaves their sunglasses on the bed?? Well most days I am like a pack horse, overloaded with bags, packets, laptop and today was even worse with a jacket, because it was so cold this morning and by lunchtime it was hot and my sunglasses usually go on my head, but today I had tied up my hair and couldn't shove them on my head like I usually do, so everything was dumped onto my bed, forgotten about for the moment, until the dogs decided to turn the bed into their playground. I still say it was little Miss Piggy, but she is so cute, it is hard to get angry with her and she knows it, just like a cute little toddler

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