Thursday, 14 June 2012

Am I Cute Or What???

Jingles is such a nervous dog and she is always shivering and shaking. Whether it is from anxiety or the cold, she shivers and shakes, BUT... she is such a horrible dog too. She always bites me!!! She jumps on my lap and lies by me or snuggles under the duvet with me or jumps up against my legs and follows me all over the house, but dare let me pick her up and she bites me. She bites me when I cover her at night, she bites me when I try and make her warm whilst she lies on the chair shivering. She just bites and growls all the time and she is not sore or hurt, she is just a horrible little dog. The other night I found her jerseys so that I could put one of them on her, so that she could stay warm, but she always manages to get them off, after biting me whilst trying to put them on. They all come off her, then I found Miss Piggy's little hoody and skirt that I bought for her when we first got her, but that was miles too big for Jingles and she looked like a drowned rat in it and naturally it fell right off.

I couldn't get a photo of her in it, because she was too busy growling and then it was off. Now she just doesn't have a jersey. I put Pluto's on him as well, but he has gotten so fat, it is too tight for him and if I get a bigger one then it is too loose around his legs and his short stubby legs walk straight out of it. Spike hates jerseys and when I bought him one he ripped it up and Miss Piggy's one chaffed her under her front legs, so I gave up on that. Now they don't have jerseys, but I came home from work the other day and Chad had put Miss Piggy's little outfit on her. It was miles too small for her, but she looked so cute. It just does not have the same cuteness on grumpy Jingles, as it does on Miss Piggy. She is just so cute and adorable, she is like this naughty little toddler in the house and the baby of the family who gets away with everything.

She can't wear it, because it is far too tight even though the buttons don't fasten. In fact it does not even go around her, she has grown so much, but when she had it on it was as if she knew she looked cute and was showing off. I love how she comes to me at night when she wants to get on the bed, the only time that she comes to me is when she wants to get on the bed - oh and of course when she wants her biscuits then she is my best friend.

Uppy Mommy
That is her barking at me to lift her onto the bed and shame the poor little girl has a bite on her face from Spike. She had his her ball and he tried to get it from her and bit her face. It must be so sore, although she just shakes her head and runs off, but he bit my thumb yesterday whilst grabbing his toy and I wasn't concentrating and it was darn sore. He never even penetrated my skin, I was just like ouch and he let go, it felt like he was crushing the bone in my thumb. She is a tough cookie.

Don't Mess With Me

I Am Just So Sweet

And with her best friend. Every morning whilst I am getting ready for work the two of them lie together. Sometimes she lies right on top of Pluto and he just lies there, but dare let Spike come near him and he growls and goes crazy.

Don't Worry Mom, I will Look After Her

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