Friday, 15 June 2012

Another Hectic Day

What a week, this week has been. On Wednesday, Sheila was late again, because of the Zandspruit protests. She sent me a message ten minutes before we were meant to leave for school to say that there is no transport, because of the protests. I told her to try come later when I fetch Chad from school at 10, because she wanted to go home (Eastern Cape) on Thursday and Friday. I then received a text from her at 9 to say she was at the house. I was busy and only left at 9.30. When I arrived at home, the security patrol car was at our house. Apparently our alarm had gone off 5 times, yet no one phoned to tell us and it was not going off when I arrived at home. The old man from next door popped his head over the wall and said it was going off since 5 in the morning, which was impossible, because I wake up at 4.45 and switch it off when I get up and then I only switched it back on at 7.25 when Chad and I left for school. We were late again, because I had to hang up the washing before we left and organise the dogs. He insisted it was going off since 5, so I just said it is strange and I would have it checked. I don't know why he never phoned Mark to tell him it was going off "all morning" Funny how he heard it whilst still sleeping, but we didn't hear it whilst we were awake and inside the house :) and the alarm panel only recorded it as going off at 8.45. After letting Sheila in and checking that everything was OK, I had to go fetch Chad from school. He had already finished his exam. Then I had to drop him off at home and then go back to work.

Today, because Sheila was on leave, Mark said I must bring Miss Piggy to work and not let her stay in the bathroom all day. Wow what a mission to get them off to work. Packing their beds and bowls and sneaking into the drawer to get their leads. If they see the leads or see you go near the drawer they are kept in they go crazy. I was as quiet as I could be and Spike was sleeping on Chad's bed, under the blankets, but he still heard me open the drawer next to the front door where the leads are kept. Animals are amazing. Shame,  but I feel so guilty leaving Spike and Jingles behind, but there is no way they can all come to work. On the whole Miss Piggy was well behaved and mostly lay in Pluto's bed with him. I don't know why I bother to take both beds. She does not like Phineas and Brilliant and goes mad when she hears or sees them. She is fine with everyone else and they are the two that always come into the office, so I have to hold onto her lead. I don't know why she just goes crazy when she sees them. It can't be her sensing something from me either. Brilliant drives me insane, but Phineas is such a cool guy. Not only a hard worker, but a genuinely nice guy and I really am very fond of him and have no issues with him, she just does not like him and when she hears his voice she goes ballistic.

Sleeping On The Job

Speaking of Brilliant, who unfortunately is nothing like his name. He is 20 years old, but looks about 14, cannot speak English, although it is has improved a bit and he drives us all insane, because he does such stupid things. It is not even a language problem, because the staff speak to him in his language and he still messes up. Yesterday I called him to ask him if he wanted Mark's chips. Mark doesn't like chips and never ate them when he ordered lunch from the coffee shop. I have been trying to teach Brilliant to say please and not just yes. So I asked him if he wanted chips and he said "yes". I said to him "not yes, what do you say" so with a huge grin on his face he says to me "yes I want ships" and was so proud that he said a full sentence in English, so I said "No Brilliant what is the magic word" so he said magic. He was totally confused after that, but we could not help but laugh at him.

I had to fetch Chad at 11.45, but again his exam finished earlier and I was still at work when he called to say he was finished. After I fetched him we went home to check up on the house and the other animals, everything was fine. We stayed at home for about 20 minutes, left and as I sat down to start working I received a call from our security company, to say they had received an alarm activation at out house. That was another trip home, but Mark said I must just stay at home. Our alarm obviously has a problem, because they received an alarm activation twice after that, once whilst I was on my way home and again when I arrived at home, but it wasn't even making a noise. What a week of driving up and down, hopefully tomorrow it won't be as bad, but I doubt it, because the technicians have to come out and have a look at the alarm.

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