Saturday, 23 June 2012

Baking Dog Biscuits

Finally our dogs' wishes came true and I baked for them last Saturday. I also baked bread rolls for us from scratch and they came out pretty good. Mark was very impressed with them and could not believe that I made the dough myself and said they were very good considering it was the first time that I have tried to make them. It is just such a long process waiting for the dough to rise, then deflate, then rise again.

Bread Rolls

I started the dough for the rolls, then whilst it was standing I started the dog biscuits. The whole time I was baking, I had Miss Piggy hanging around the kitchen. As soon as she hears the mixer, she knows it is biscuit time and must be so disappointed when I bake for us and not her. Of course, I make the peanut butter one's first. I doubled the recipe and I absolutely hate peanut butter and that smell whilst mixing it with the milk was enough to make me gag. I have never eaten peanut butter ever - not on bread - not on anything!!!  I love peanuts - actually I am nuts about peanuts and cashew nuts, but don't give me peanut butter. I always said when I was young, that when I had children they would not be allowed peanut butter - that is how much I hate it, but Clint loved peanut butter,  Chad liked it when he was younger, now not that much, but he eats it, so that flew out the window. Now I have a dog that is addicted to the stuff.

Cutting Out Bone Shapes

Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits

Miss Piggy's Peanut Butter Biscuit
Then it was onto the Cheese and Oats biscuits. I used the different sizes for the different biscuits. Medium for Miss Piggy's Peanut Biscuits, although they all eat them, she has the most. The big cutter for the Cheese and Oats then the little one for the new biscuits in case they didn't like them. The new biscuits were the ones that I mentioned in this post.

Cheese and Oats Doggy Biscuits
In the end I changed the new recipe I found. At first I was going to just leave out the salt, but in the end decided that just flour and a bit of sugar, water and oil would not be very tasty for dogs, even with a heap of salt it didn't seem like dog biscuits to me, so I added Knorrox Beef Stock cubes and left out the salt. I am sure the amount of salt in the Beef Stock cubes is more than enough for dogs as it is. Pluto, Jingles and Spike  absolutely love them, Piggy eats them, just because they are biscuits, but still loves her Peanut Butter ones, the most. I think in future I am going to make three different sizes of each flavour.

The Three Different Flavours
The recipe for the beef biscuits

2 Cups Wholeweat Flour
1 Cup Maize Meal (Corn Meal)
1/3 Cup Vegetable Oil
I Egg
I Cup Water
2 Beef Stock Cubes

Pre-heat oven to 180 deg Celsius and lightly grease baking sheets
In a large bowl mix flour and corn meal and crumble the stock cubes
In a separate bowl mix egg, vegetable oil and water then add to dry ingredients
Mix well and place on lightly floured board and roll out and cut with cookie cuts
Place on lightly greased baking sheets and bake for 20 -25 minutes
Place on cooling racks and allow to cool.

Beef Doggy Biscuits

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