Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Camping January 2006

When we first watched this video, a year after Clint died, as sad as it was, it made us laugh so much, as it reminded us not only of happy times, but how frustrated Clint got with Chad. As much as they loved each other, there were tines that Chad really drove Clinty up the wall and Clint had very little patience with Chad at times, yet at other times he had all the patience in the world and did things for him all the time. He helped Chad with school projects, with his bicycle, with his motorbike and was always teaching him how to do things. Then there were days like this when they had their little sibling squabbles. Strangely, it was watching this video that helped Chad so much and it was then that he could start talking about Clint to us and he spoke about him often after that. Then it stopped again. I think this video helped a lot with his guilt, because sadly they had a little squabble just before Clint left for extra maths that day and the guilt ate at Chad all the time, then seeing this made him realise that they would have a little spat and 5 minutes later it would be back to best friends and fun times.

We went away for my birthday on a motorbike riding weekend of all things, but the boys wanted to go there so I said it was OK with me. We took Pluto and Jingles with and had one of the best weekends ever. Jingles sat on Mark's bike's handle bars and drove around like that, I rode pillion with Mark and Pluto sat across Clint's lap and we rode around like that all over the resort, through rivers and bushes and down steep hills and it was really a fun weekend. This video is just bits of it, I don't know why I only copied part of the video or what happened to the rest and I think the original tape was stolen with our video camera when our house was robbed.

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