Sunday, 10 June 2012

Cycling In The Wind

About three weeks ago, Mark started cycling again. I said that I might get a bicycle and cycle with them, but I am not so sure about that any more. The first day Mark went cycling at Van Gaalens Cheese farm, he went with one of his clients, they were not even cycling for 20 minutes when he realised this guy was not behind him, he went looking for him, couldn't find him then went to get his phone from the car, tried to phone him with no luck and then eventually saw him in the distance pushing his bicycle. This guy, Jeff had gone left where Mark had gone right and ended up falling off his bicycle and was heading for a tree and put his hand out to stop his head from hitting the tree and broke his hand. Mark offered to drive him home, because his hand looked really bad - it was pulled right back, the opposite way that it should have been, but he said he was fine to drive home, so Mark carried on cycling. It was really stupid of him to cycle on his own, because he could have fallen and hit his head and lay there without anyone knowing. It was really bad luck for this guy, Jeff. His first time cycling after buying a brand new bicycle for ten thousand rand and then falling and breaking his hand and no medical aid. Cycling became very expensive for him and 20 minutes of cycling at that. Now I have given it second thoughts - Mark has broken his hand cycling, Dean broke his hand and now Jeff - what's with these cyclists and breaking their hands. Mark doesn't want me to cycle either, because he said the paths are very rough and he doesn't want me to get hurt. Sometimes, I think Mark thinks I am a porcelain doll, when I am far from it, but he really stresses when I am sick or hurt, but doesn't like to admit it or show that he really stresses about it. So whilst he was out cycling, Chad and I were asleep, oblivious to the fact that his cycling partner was hurt and Mark was cycling on his own. After Mark leaves, the dogs all come and cuddle in bed with me and we go back to sleep.

Miss Piggy Fast Asleep Next To Me - Sunday Morning Bliss

Chad decided last weekend that he was going to go cycling again as well, so off they went and I relaxed at home, then went shopping, which I never do on the weekends, unless Mark and Chad are with me, but I needed to keep my mind busy, because I was worried about them getting hurt. If I had stayed at home, I would have checked the time every few seconds and would have been panicking. On Friday night the temperatures dropped drastically and yesterday it was bitter cold. I made a fire when I got home on Friday, it was really miserable weather with sporadic drops of rain. Sheila said it is snowing in the Eastern Cape, where her children live with her mother and sister and there has been reports of snow falling in the Drakensberg, Free State and Ceres. We just have the icy cold after effects of their snow.

Miss Piggy Cuddling With Mark On Friday Night

We stayed in bed until about ten on Saturday morning, then Mark and Chad went to work, Mark had to do something quickly, then they went to buy us curry and rice and samoosas from the Spicy Den and then went to get dvd's and wood. We made a fire and watched dvd's the whole day, lying under blankets, all warm and content.

A Dog's Life

A Day In The Life Of Spike

I was still not dressed when they got home, so they watched Johnny English, whilst I dressed and tidied up the house. I don't enjoy Rowan Atkinson at all and don't watch his movies. Instead of lying in the lounge by the warm fire, Pluto and Jingles followed me around the house trying to stay warm.

Jingles Shivering as Usual



Jingles trying to find the one spot of sunlight in my room
I digress as usual - Chad and Mark had plans to go cycling again today and I thought they were crazy, but they went to buy their energy drinks and energy bars in the late afternoon when we ran out of wood. We used about ten bags of wood yesterday and last night, it was really bitterly cold. This morning, I woke up at 7.30 to let the dogs out. It looked sunny and warm until I opened the front door. It was bitterly cold and the wind was blowing icy gales. I think the dog's pee froze in mid stream and Piggy came running inside. I had a cigarette, whilst waiting for the others to come in. I always feel  like a Jehovah's Witness going from door to door at night and in the mornings, the dogs never go out at the same time or come in through the same door, so I go from door to door looking for them. So I silently froze whilst having my morning cigarette, too tired and too cold to even make coffee. Chad is always on at me about smoking, so last weekend I decided that I would only smoke outside, well the temperatures decided to drop at the same time, so I gave that up and said I would not smoke in the lounge or our bedroom, I would smoke in the kitchen only, but have wandered into the dining room again and on Friday night it was so cold I smoked in the lounge and put up with Chad's moaning and last night I had one cigarette in the lounge. I know how bad passive smoking is and all that goes with it, but as I have said before, exhaust fumes are even worse and we don't all stay off the roads to prevent all the air pollution from going into our lungs, so I won't get started on that. My job is a health hazard, I have permanent sinusitis from all the exhaust fumes and other chemicals that come into my office from the workshop,so smoking is a very minor hazard. I digress again!!!! When all the dogs were inside, I went back to bed, Mark was awake and I said that they would be mad if they went cycling today. They were planning on leaving at 8am and it was almost 8. Mark said it would have warmed up by the time they got there and then we both promptly fell asleep again, until Chad came into the room and woke Mark up. I think he was secretly hoping Chad would not want to go and when Chad woke him up he said he didn't think it was a good idea to go cycling, which made Chad angry, so they went. I read reports of the wind chill factor being 0 degrees at 9.30 this morning so they are really crazy. When they left they were dressed in beanies and jackets, but they can't cycle in them and I am sure they are quite frozen by now. At 11 am the temperature on Chad's clock was 9.4, now at 12, it is 10.0 Celsius, so it is climbing steadily, it is still windy, but not half as bad as what it was at 7.30 this morning. The garden is such a mess with all the leaves, the pond pump was blocked with leaves and Mark had to stick his hands into the freezing water this morning to unblock it. I was supposed to do it yesterday when they went to work and I forgot - conveniently - no I really did forget.

Patio Covered In Leaves & Dust

Pluto, Spike & Miss Piggy Confused By The Crunching Of Leaves Under Their Feet

Leaves, Leaves & More Leaves & Dust

Miss Piggy, Garfield, Pluto & Jingles Ignoring The Wind & Enjoying The Sun

Now I am going to go and attempt to bake bread for the first time and bake some biscuits for the dogs, that is if my warm bed is not too  tempting and I decide to rather go back to sleep.

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  1. Thank you for leaving such lovely comments on my blog. I really appreciate that!

    Miss Piggy is GORGEOUS!!
    All your dogs are so sweet..I guess I just have a soft spot for Bulldogs.

    Ouch re the broken hands... Isn't it amazing how expensive any hobby can be. Sigh!

    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde


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