Saturday, 16 June 2012

Dog Bones

I finally found dog bone cookie cutters. I have been looking for them forever, in stores and on-line, but could only find them on overseas sites, nothing local. It was one of those things that I became obsessive about and both Mark and Chad said it made no difference what the dog biscuits looked like. The dogs knew no better, they just liked the biscuits, but I wanted them to look like real doggie biscuits. I did find some on Amazon, but was in two minds about buying them, because of the postal service and with the exchange rate it would be a lot of money to waste if I never received them. I eventually gave up and resigned myself to the fact that my dog biscuits would not be authentic. Then a couple of weeks ago I searched on Google again and found these locally from Let's Party Knysna

Give A Dog A Bone Cookie Cutter Gift Set
I submitted the order enquiry on Wednesday night, the 6 June 2012, received a response that same night, to say my order is being processed. On Thursday,the 7th I received my invoice for payment, which I duly made and received my tracking number from them on Friday, the 8 June. I then wondered if I would get the parcel. There has been a postal strike for the past four months, but only really affected us the past two months and we received no mail at all for two months - not even a single advertising flyer. The day I paid for the cookie cutters, I heard on the news that the strike had ended and that they had come to a temporary agreement with the striking workers. That was good news, because it meant that there was a possibility that I would receive my parcel. I went to the post box on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to check for mail, I normally only go once a week, sometimes every second week, but then the post box is over flowing with mail, but with the backlog I have been going everyday. Thursday I never went, I was just too busy and the amount of mail seemed to have decreased on Wednesday. Friday I went and found my little postal slip and was pretty excited to finally get my dog bone cookie cutters. Friday was another up and down, run around day. On my way to fetch Chad, the technician from our Security Company called to say he was waiting outside our gate to check our alarm. They were supposed to first make arrangements so that we could be at home when they came, but they never did, so he had to wait until I had fetched Chad and on the way home I stopped at the post box, which is on the way, but couldn't go to the post office, because it is in the complete opposite direction. The technician fixed the alarm and then I went to fetch my parcel. I was gone from work for two hours and Mark wondered what had happened to me. I couldn't wait to open my parcel and see what my cookie cutters looked like. I do get obsessed about the strangest of things at times.
Cookie Cutters
When I finally sat down to work, I found an email sent from Let's Party Knysna, that was sent whilst I was on my run around, to find out if I had received my parcel. I was very impressed!! I have bought stuff on-line before and I have never had the company follow up to see if I had received my goods. Once you have paid and received the tracking number, if you do get one, that is the last you hear from them, so I was very surprised to receive a follow up email from Let's Party Knysna . I would happily recommend anyone who wants to place an on-line order with them. The postage was only R20.00 and the cookie cutters R69.95 inclusive of vat. The order was processed and delivered quickly and receiving it in a week was very impressive, considering the postal strike and after affects of the 4 month long strike.

Dog Bones
This weekend I have to bake for the dogs - no more excuses. I found another recipe on all, there are loads of dog biscuit recipes on-line, but I don't want to make ones that are involved and difficult or need ingredients that I have to go out of my way to look for. So I found this easy one, but I am going to change it a bit and see how it comes out. It uses a tablespoon of salt and Bull dogs cannot have salt. Well that is what the breeder said and I know all breeders have their different quirks and ideas, but it just makes sense that salt is not good for dogs, especially a tablespoon. So much salt is not good for anyone and cannot be good for Bull Dog's especially Miss Piggy who has reacted to so many foods and now that her tummy has settled and she can eat mostly anything, I am not taking a chance and risking her getting ill again - not this little gorgeous doggy or any of her siblings. So this little cutie pie in the photo below taken last night will get spoilt this weekend. This is her lying waiting for Chad after I carried her to his bed last night. Yep, we have to often carry this 20Kg or more dog to bed!!!!

Ready For Bed

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