Sunday, 10 June 2012

Spike & His JW Bad Cuz Bouncy Ball

I finally videoed our afternoon ritual. OK, the video is not the best quality, try filming on a blackberry whilst throwing a ball for a Bull Terrier and having a Bull Dog trying to grab the phone, thinking it is a toy, but the end result is what I wanted. Spike was not even in top form, but he was jumping and racing after his toy. I had to do it in three parts, because my editing skills are as bad as my filming skills and I had to edit a few bits out. I also did part three on Thursday. Spike was really flying through the air like crazy, so I quickly went to fetch my blackberry, but by then he had calmed down a bit. Part one shows our complete ritual. Spike chasing and catching his ball, Miss Piggy half heartedly playing, because Chad was inside; Jingles trying to play with the cool kids; Pluto wandering around like an old man, watching over the naughty kids and Garfield sitting in Clint's garden calling for me to go and sit by her. This happens every afternoon from any time between 3pm and 5pm. When Sheila leaves, Spike gets his toy and runs up and down, until I go out and play with him. if I don't go out and play, he stands at the back door with his toy barking, whilst Pluto runs waddles around my feet whining and whimpering until we go out and play.

When Chad is not outside with us, it is normally quiet and peaceful, the only sounds are running feet and panting dogs with the odd bark from Miss Piggy. As soon as Chad comes outside, Piggy goes wild and Jingles barks like crazy. 

Part one and two were done on Wednesday and Part three on Thursday. I always seem to video the dogs on the days that the garden is covered in leaves and it looks very untidy and messy, although I must say, I doubt that the grass will ever grow in the back again - not with Spike and Miss Piggy racing up and down and sliding across the garden every day and sometimes twice or three times a day. That is besides the times that they just go out and play on their own, although that is not often, they usually sleep all day until it is play time.  When I was at home during the day, we played in the mornings, after I dropped Chad off at school, I would get home and Spike was ready with his toy. Shame I feel sorry for him, because he must miss that. On Monday, I decided to not go straight to work, because Chad finished school at 10 and as I drove into the driveway, Spike went running to get his toy so we could play. He hasn't forgotten our morning game time.

I love the way he thought his ball went into the bush and tried to jump up to get it. Once quite a while ago, before we bought him the first bad cuz toy, one of his other toys landed in one of the bushes in the front garden, you couldn't see it and one day he kept running to the bush barking and eventually Mark found it in the bush and gave it to him. I have no idea how it landed in the bush or when it did, but he knew it was there, even though he had two of the exact toys - well one was Miss Piggy's, but tell that to Spike. At least he has calmed down a bit with his new toy and leaves it alone sometimes. The obsession stopped on Friday, but up until Friday morning, he even slept with it, even under our blankets.

Today we never played, it was just far too cold and we spent the day next to a roaring fire, lying under blankets and watching movies, the best place to be in freezing weather.

And that is our afternoon ritual in film.

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