Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Spike & His Toys

I will wager that there is not another dog that is as crazy obsessive about toys as what Spike is. It is something that has to be seen to believe. He is Mark's baby without a doubt and it even took awhile before he even believed me that Spike understood the words "go get your toy" and that it had nothing to do with the tone of my voice.

His toys usually last two weeks on average, cheap toys a day or two or three, depending on how cheap the toy is - the cheaper ones are not that strong. Kongs last two weeks max and then they are destroyed and they are very expensive. So we go through a lot of toys, but buying them for Spike is really worth it. He gets so much joy out of them and it is like giving candy to a little street child - in fact he shows more appreciation than any child being given candy, toys or ice cream. It is just too sweet. Then one day Mark saw this toy (below) at Hypermarket and bought it for Spike. I looked at the toy and said that will last about a week or two and it was quite expensive, but Spike's toys were finished and he needed a new toy. How wrong was I. Mark bought it in January 2012, either late January or early February, the photo was taken on the 8 Feb, so he might have had it a week or two, but four months later and it is still going strong. The feet are a bit chewed, that was Miss Piggy and it is rather grubby and dirty, but the squeak is still intact and the toy is still in one piece.

Spike's Toy - 8 Feb

Not only is it Bull Terrier and Bull Dog proof, but is is just the best toy ever and it is loads of fun for the dogs, especially Spike. It bounces and rolls and some days when I am lazy, I just stand outside and watch how Spike plays. It would be the perfect toy for a dog that stays alone and loves to play, because you don't even have to throw it. Spike rolls it and bounces it and throws it in the air and then it goes bouncing off around the garden with him chasing it. It is a really cool toy. We have this ritual everyday. As soon as Sheila leaves, Spike brings me his toy and barks and cries and runs to the back so we can play, Pluto whines and cries and also runs to the back. Pluto does not play, but he nags just as much as Spike. We all go outside, Miss Piggy plays sometimes, if Chad is outside she goes crazy and it just depends on her moods if she will play when it is just me, otherwise she stands by me. Jingles runs around like a crazy thing, actually like a child wanting to play with the cool kids, but can't and just hangs around trying to be part of the click, Pluto strolls around the garden and Garfield either sits under the palm tree or in Clint's garden and then there is Spike. I keep saying I need to video him, but don't - procrastinating as usual. If you have ever seen a herd of buck being chased by a predator, that is our Spike. He goes flying through the air, jumping as high as anything, hind legs flying out behind him. Sometimes he looks like a soccer player, as he hits the ball with his head, sending it flying across the garden, his legs kicking, other times jumping up and grabbing it in his mouth. Sometimes Piggy chases after him and they tackle each other and grab at the ball and tug at it. For a Bull Dog, she is not too shabby either and can keep up with Spike at the best of times and even tries to jump in the air, put is too floppy and heavy for her stubby little legs. I have been saying for awhile that we need to get her a toy like Spike's, because she also loves tennis balls, but not half as much as Spike loves toys and all the tennis balls have popped. On Saturday we went shopping and we always head to the toy pet section at Hypermarket, it has become a habit. Sometimes we buy toys from the Pet Store, but part of shopping is going to be the pet section and Mark found a toy like Spike's, but a smaller one, which he took for Miss Piggy.

Miss Piggy's Toy - 2 June 2012
Well poor Miss Piggy, she lost out again, Spike took the toy and refuses to part with it. It became so bad that he did not eat on Saturday night, Sunday night or Monday night and I don't think he ate in the mornings either. They get fed at night, but don't finish their food and eat it in the mornings or during the day. It was so bad that I tried to give him biscuits and he dropped the biscuit to run and get his toy. It was like this huge decision - biscuit or toy and toy won. He refuses to play with the old toy and we try and trick him, but he knows the difference. They are exactly the same colour, same shame, the size is just different. In the photo it is hard to see the size difference, but the new one is quite small compared to the old one. Now we are human and are meant to be the superior species, so we should know that they are two different toys, but how Spike knows, is just beyond me. Well it just goes to prove that animals are so clever.

The Old Toy 2 June 2012

I have been trying to find out the make of the toy all this time and finally now know. I never bothered to look at the label when we bought the first one, thinking it was just the normal run of the mill toy. I have to say they are geniuses and I would love to write to them and tell them what a fantastic toy it is - not only durable, but a real  fun cool dog toy, but there are no contact details on the label - it is called Bad Cuz, by JW. Strange name for a dog toy, but who cares, Bad Cuz gets 120 out of 100 from us, especially Spike.

Bouncy Ball Label

So if you want a really fun toy for your dogs and want your dogs to have loads of fun, this is the toy to get. We have tried them all and no other toy comes near this one and Spike agrees. He is totally obsessed with his toy, but for some reason this smaller one has him totally obsessed. He loved the other one, but it never stopped him from eating and Chad loves teasing him and hides his toys away and he comes and asks me for them. If Mark is at home and Spike comes and sits by me, begging I know his toy has been hidden away and he is asking me for it. On Monday night Mark was very worried about his poor baby not eating, like Spike doesn't need to lose a kilo or two, so he took the toy away from him and put it in the vase on the lounge table. We all sitting watching TV and I might have been distracted and never noticed him asking me for his toy, but next thing he was on the table trying to get his toy. He knew it it was in the vase, he could see it, but he is such a good boy he just stood there desperately wanting the ball, but waiting for someone to give it to him. When it comes to toys he is the cutest dog ever and very clever. If Bad Cuz ever needs to market their bouncy walking toy, they should come and film Spike for the day, he can be their mascot/model. To say he loves their toy would be an understatement.

Spike Trying To Get His Bouncy Toy

Spike Trying To Get His Toy That Chad Hid Behind The Chair On Sunday Night

Please Can I have My Toy

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