Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Terrible Tuesdays

Well on Sunday I never attempted my bread baking and neither did I bake biscuits for my doggies. Poor Miss Piggy, I am sure if she could talk she would be saying "You are such a liar, and you are always breaking your promises" I know I am and she just loves her Peanut Butter Biscuits. It was not even my warm bed that was too tempting, I was just plain lazy and cold!!! I made a fire, because I knew Mark and Chad would be freezing when they arrived home from cycling - and they were. Obviously, they got all hot and sweaty, whilst cycling, but then froze as their body temperature cooled down. They went in the Land-Rover and yes it might have a heater in it, but it has so many places that cold air comes through that they were frozen. They were home not long after I made the fire so it was not that warm, but it was a good excuse for me to do nothing.

I hate winter so much, not only because it is freezing and uncomfortable with all the extra clothes you have to wear, but my skin aches in winter. My hands hurt and are all dry and wizened, the skin on the rest of my body, especially, strangely enough my legs, burn so much and no amount of creams or lotions make it any less sore and uncomfortable. In fact I think the more lotion I put on the worse it gets. Johnson's Baby Jelly (Vaseline) helps a bit, but it doesn't feel very nice on your skin. The other reason why I hate winter is because of the increase in house fires. As much as I love a roaring fire, I stress that it will set the house on fire. Today another two children died when their house caught alight. It is so sad, but then again it doesn't matter how your child died, the fact is that they died and there is no other pain that comes even close to your child dying. So as much as I love sitting by a roaring fire, I hate it just as much. Fire is like the ocean, beautiful and calming, but deadly and dangerous.

That said, the best place to be in winter is in bed, I hate getting up in the mornings and have been getting up later and later everyday. Fortunately the traffic seems to have lessened so we can leave later for school, but on Tuesdays I have to get out of bed at 4.45 and not a minute later. Yes, I know it is the middle of the night, well that is what it looks like at that time of the morning, pitch dark and cold. Mark goes to a Business Network meeting every Tuesday and I have to open up at work and have to leave at 6.30 am. It is ridiculous, leaving so early in the morning to get to school, 6km's up the road, then backtracking to work, which is about 15 km's and we have to leave so early. I get to work at 7:15 and need to be there at 7.30, but one morning we left at 6:40 and I was late and only arrived at 7:45, with customers and staff waiting, so I can't take a chance. I am always amazed at how much busier the roads are at 6:30 compared to 7:15. It is ridiculous that everyone has to leave so early to get to work on time. Mark leaves at 6:15 to be at the meeting at 7 and if he leaves at 6.30 he is late and it is also only about 15km's away. Sheila has to get here at 6.30 so we can leave as she gets here and I know it is worse for her, because she has to leave home earlier, but then she goes home between 1 and 2 in the afternoon, mostly just before 1, so she is not working longer hours and like I explained to her today, I have to work, so that we can give her a job and pay her a salary and we now pay half her taxi fare as well and we employ her everyday now to help her, because we don't need her to work Monday to Friday, but she needed the extra days. Well she was late again today and when I phoned she never answered, so we left late waiting for her and it was a stressful morning. I was so mad with her, because I had to go back at 9 to let her and the gardener in. The other times I have gone at 8, but then Mark is not back and no one answers the phones or checks to see if anyone is in reception. So they had to wait till 9 and of course there is also the worry that she could be in an accident, but instead of being relieved that she is OK and just late, I get angry and all my stress comes out in anger. Plus it is exams now and Chad finished school at 10, so it was rush, rush, up and down, which is such a waste of not only petrol, but also time, going home, then back to work and leaving 45 minutes later. For someone who hates driving and being on the roads driving up and down, it is just far too stressful and exhausting. I hate driving as much as I hate winter and waking up early and leaving when it is dark.

I cannot wait for school to end next week!!!

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