Monday, 10 September 2012

Break-ins and Other Things

Wow I haven't posted here for ages and for many reasons:

  • Time Flies
  • Working full day
  • Lack of interest
  • No energy
The list could go on forever. It all started with a burglary at work. I was working late most nights and leaving my laptop behind. Then one morning just as I finished in the shower, my phone rang and straight away I knew there was something wrong, because my phone never rings so early in the morning. It was the manager from the shop in our building. When he came downstairs that morning, he lives in the flat upstairs from our office and his flat and our office share a communal front door. He saw our door kicked in, but never went inside. The first thing that I said to Mark when I finished on the phone was "the laptops are gone" and they were. They did not steal much, but what they did steal added up to a lot of money. We found one car battery lying by the car wash, they must have dropped it, which was fortunate, because we are not covered by insurance for stock. This was at the end of June and insurance only paid out for my laptop about 3 weeks ago. I had been using an old one all this time and I just did not feel like blogging.

Dry walling kicked in

Broken wall

I bought a new laptop last week on Thursday, 30 August 2012 and spent Friday until Monday transferring all my data on to it. Tuesday it was all personalized and ready to use. All my software was loaded, my emails set up, my folders transferred, documents and pictures all ready. Tuesday was the first day I could use it and at 5pm, I packed up ready to go, put it in the bag, because I can't leave it at work in case they break in again. Then the phone rang and I was all caught up in that, I then had to make a note to remind Mark to fetch a car in the morning. Now it was time to leave and I picked up my laptop bag and next thing my laptop was out the bag on the floor. I never closed the bag!!!! My brand new laptop's screen was smashed. It happened so fast that before I registered that it was falling it had fallen on the tiles, hitting the corner first. I was really upset about it, which was stupid, because it is just an inanimate object that is replaceable. My time spent transferring everything was not replaceable!!!!  I never had a back up either!!! Fortunately, it was only the screen and nothing else was damaged, but it cost a lot to replace it. I am sure I could have had it done cheaper elsewhere, but Mark took it to one of his customers and he is very expensive. I got it back on Thursday at around 5pm and could finally start using it on Friday. Lets hope the disasters are over now.

Between the theft and the broken screen, lots has happened in our lives and also nothing has happened. That sounds crazy, but it is true. We went down to Ballito in August, leaving a freezing cold Joburg, yes it snowed in Joburg, we did not have a lot, but it was snow and drove through lots of freezing towns with lots of snow to a lovely hot Ballito, with temperatures in the 30's. I still need to post those photos. Then Chad went on a school camp - that was a BIGGY   in our lives, because I did not want him to go - more about that some other time. He has no photos of the camp.

Other than that I have just been working hard, working late everyday - driving up and down. I made the decision to let Sheila stay in our flatlet on Mondays to Thursdays. She asked if she could awhile ago and Mark didn't want her to, but I don't like Chad being alone in the house when I am at work, so it is either her staying here or me working half day again. She was very happy that she stayed here last week, because it rained so much this week. Hard drenching rain and she didn't have to catch taxis in the rain. Thursday morning the rain was so bad, the traffic was hectic, Chad was 20 minutes late for school and we left normal time. When our gardener came to work on Friday, he phoned me to tell me our dogs had pulled out some of the seedlings he had planted in Clint's garden on Tuesday - he doesn't like our dogs and they don't like him, so they got the blame, but when I said it was probably the rain, he had a good look and saw that all the sand had washed away from the rain. And they say the rain is good for the garden!!! In moderation yes, but we had far too much of it. From Monday being so hot to suddenly freezing cold and wet was not much fun.

Mail Waiting To Be Opened & Action-ed

Brilliant Helping Me With My Filing

Well that is all for now - till next time and who knows when that will be!!!

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