Monday, 15 October 2012

Bullying Budgies

Wow 3 posts in one night, after not posting for ages - not one post in August now 3 in one night. I guess I am trying to get into the whole blogging mindset again - also not much to watch on TV tonight or today, other than Chad and Mark's normal junk they watch, so blogging it is.

For a long time my little white budgie was looking unwell. She can't fly and her feathers were falling out. It seemed strange that she was ill when the other two were healthy and happy, because they all share a cage. She first started hiding in the nesting boxes I had in the cage and I thought she was about to lay eggs. I turned the nesting boxes over, because I was scared that she could not get out of the box, because she is tiny and she has never been able to fly. At least with the box turned over and the door open she could get in and out.

Then one day when I was cleaning the cage she fell out of the cage and it is quite a drop and she fell on her back and could not turn over. I picked her up put her in the cage and a few times after that I would see her on her back with the other two "trying" to help her up. Then I noticed that she was bald on her chest, so I told Mark I am going to ask our vet if he could put her down, because I didn't know where I would find a bird vet. She really looked ill and I did not want her to suffer. I hadn't taken her to the vet and on the Sunday, I had put their cage outside and Mark walked out and saw the other two attacking her. He shouted to me that they were killing her. They stopped when he was shouting.

I fetched their old cage from the shed washed it and put her in it. I honestly did not believe Mark when he said the other two were killing her and really just humoured him by moving her. I thought they were helping her up. Well he was right, they were bullying killing her. She is so happy in her own cage, her feathers have grown back and she looks so healthy again. I feel terrible and so guilty for leaving her to suffer with two horrible bullies. I hope no animal rights activist reads this and reports me for animal cruelty. If I had known they were hurting her I would not have left her with them. They have all been in the big cage for a very long time, so why the bullying all of a sudden I don't know. She has been on her own for about 6 weeks and eats like crazy, loves her fruit I give her and climbs up and down the ladders and up and down her cage, tweeting like crazy. I don't think she will ever fly, because she has never been able to, even before the bullies terrorized her. Now they are stressing, because they still sty and get to her. They cling to the side of their cage and screech at her all the time and she just tweets and hops around without a care in the world or perhaps calls out to them telling them that they can't hurt her anymore.

So she has gone from this big, but unpleasant place

To this small, but pleasant place

Who would have thought that budgies could be so horrible and cruel. They plucked her like a chicken at the slaughter house.

The Bullies

The Victim

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