Monday, 15 October 2012

Happy Birthday Mark

I haven't blogged for ages. Besides not having the time to blog, I just haven't had the mindset either. Today, I planned on posting photos and updating my blog, but I ended up playing Song Pop on Facebook. How addictive is that game. I am not even into games or Facebook for that matter, but Chad was playing it, so I joined in and he stopped long before I did. I played for hours - how ridiculous is that? It also meant that all my plans to post photos etc over here, flew out the window.

It was Mark's birthday on Monday. We did not do anything special, being a Monday, but on Sunday we had a braai and then I baked for his birthday. I baked until late on Sunday night and my baking came out really well, considering I was tired and exhausted. No photos though. I baked a chocolate cake, banana bread and chocolate lindt cup cakes for work. No one believed that I made them all myself, which was proof that they were really good and everything was gone in seconds. I was going to make a special dinner, but Mark said I mustn't worry, because I get home late and must then still cook. I made roast chicken, roast potatoes and veggies, because they go to gym every night, so whilst they were at gym I cooked. We ate late and it was just like a normal day. No celebration and no alcohol, not even on Sunday, which is a good thing.

On Wednesday it was Brilliant's birthday. Our little staff member, who can barely speak English, but he was so proud to have a birthday just after Mark's birthday. I asked him if he was bringing us cake and his reply was "I need cake" So I baked him cupcakes on Tuesday night. They were not as good as the one's I made for Mark, because I did not have Lindt Chocolate and I had to make dinner after getting home at 6 pm and then only bake later. For both Mark and Brilliant's birthdays we had to wait until Chad had finished school so he could join in with the cake eating. Again the cup cakes were finished in seconds. I made about 30 and Chad and Mark had already started eating them on Tuesday night. They said they were good and there was nothing wrong with them, not having Lindt chocolate in them. I packed 6 separately so that Brilliant could take them home with him and he thought the 6 were for work and handed them out as soon as Chad gave them to him. We had to try and explain that was for him to take home and the rest were for everyone at work. He was so pleased with his little cakes and he told me the next day he had a party with the cakes with his brother and his cousin (our gardener). It is bitter sweet though. He turned 21 and his family is miles away and he celebrated his 21st with 6 little cup cakes and Mark gave him R100.00. He looks Chad's age though and not even 21.

That was our week of birthdays and now we are birthday free and hopefully cake free for awhile. I have stopped baking, because I have put on so much weight that I don't need to put on anymore.

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