Friday, 4 January 2013

2012 In 60 Seconds

OK not exactly 60 seconds, but a quick recap and the year went by so fast it honestly feels like it was just yesterday that I was doing piles and piles of washing and our towels were growing babies in the laundry basket, just like this post from last year, exactly four days short of a year ago. This year the wash load is even worse, because we were away in Mozambique and all our clothes had to be washed from all the sea sand that gets into everything - the resort is built on sea sand. So even the clothes we never wore had to be washed - like warm clothes I packed - I don't know why, but rather have warm clothes than freeze - just in case. I will post about our trip to Mozambique another time. I have hardly been on my blog this past year and not a single post in December, not because I have no time, because I could find the time, I have just lost interest in it.

We did nothing much over the past year except work. Last December, after Christmas, Mark and Chad were in Ballito and I was alone at home, so this year it was good to be away together. Last year Mark was getting ready to open his business down there, which has now been sold. It was nothing but a stressful, money draining headache, because he trusted someone that he should never have - story of his life. It makes me so mad that people take advantage of him, but and yes there is always a big BUT - he has to stop trusting people so easily and the wrong people all the time.

We went down to Ballito on the 7 December to sort out the sale of the business and I think and am almost sure that will be the last time we ever go back there - if everything goes according to plan and the person who bought the business keeps up with the payments - so it is a headache still for the next 2 years.

Willard Beach 8 Dec 12

Chad Enjoying His Milk Shake

Mark - Ballito 8 Dec 12

Mark looking out at the ocean


Father & Son

Friendly Pig at Escourt Ultra City

Piggy Coming to get chips from Chad

Oops the pole got in the way


Hopefully, this year will be better than last year and that I will get back into posting on my blog again. One thing I am not doing this year is making New Year Resolutions or goals or whatever you want to call them. I don't believe in them and last year was proof that they don't work and that I don't stick to them. I came up with 7 goals to reach and never stuck to even one of them.

Chad passed - by the skin of his teeth. His report was very disappointing and he was in a load of trouble with his father and me. He has floated through school without ever opening a book and this year he almost paid the price for his lack of interest in school work - so this year it won't be a resolution or goal to reach, but just sheer discipline to get him to take an interest in his school work. Besides the fact that I am totally unhappy with his school, I won't go into detail, but would love to take him out of the school and move him to another school, but he doesn't want t move, plus we have to give them 3 months notice - it is a business as opposed to an educational institution-  and changing schools half way through the year and in high school is just not a good idea. So he just has to work hard and get through it.

Well that is all for now - wishing you a very Happy & Prosperous New Year

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