Monday, 18 March 2013

Chad Growing Up

I have lost sight of Why I Blog. It is my journal of our every day lives, that might seem to some, not very exciting, but it is our journey and our lives. A place to look back on one day and remember everything - be it a small insignificant event or something big.

In February, my camera was stolen and all my photos gone forever, once again. We had a launch to open our new workshop and I left my camera on the table and someone took it. The person/s who stole it was very quick and sharp, because it was in front of everyone. Thanks to my procrastinating, I never downloaded our photos of our holiday in Mozambique, so I only have a few photos that I took with my blackberry. It makes me so mad, because the camera was not a fancy expensive camera, but the photos are priceless. Our staff were also very upset about the camera being stolen, because they wanted prints of the photos of themselves and I know they would not steal from us either. It is sickening that whilst the person was partaking in our hospitality and eating our food, drinking our drinks and smiling in our faces, they were stealing without an ounce of guilt. Besides the memories gone forever, it is such an invasion of your privacy when someone steals something so personal. They have an up to date exact account of the events in your life.

I am also mad at myself for always putting off until tomorrow, what I should be doing now. Although I now have my blog and SkyDrive to keep my pictures safe, they are both meaningless if I don't download the pictures.

To be honest, I have lost interest in my blog and every weekend I think about updating it and never do. I just don't have the right mindset at the moment to post and by the time I do post anything it is months late and seems silly to post. Time flies and before you know it, weeks and months have flown by.

Now to get to the title of today's post. I looked at Chad today and it is as if I just blinked my eyes and he grew up. BUT!!! did I blink my eyes, or have I had them closed for the past 6 years. I allowed him to turn 10, which was just four days short of two months after Clinty died. It was still so new and unreal, I had not absorbed it as yet. People may wander how I managed to have a normal semi-normal birthday for my one son, so soon after my other son died, but battled the following years. All I can say is the first birthday I was too numb to realize this was a reality after a year it started to become real. So Chad turned 10 and I have been stuck at the age of him being 10. These photos below are such a stark reminder that he is no longer a little boy of ten, but quite a grown up almost 16 year old.

And finally, he willingly let me take photos of him - he is growing up. He went from a little boy who loved his photo being taken to a tween who hated his photo being taken and now I am happy to see he is going back to his confident self.

As for the bikes that Mark has bought - that is something I cannot quite go into right now or talk type about just yet. But yes they do have bikes again. As the saying goes  "you can take the monkey out the bush, but you can't take the bush out the monkey" Well you can take the biker away from the bike, but you can never take the bike out of the biker. That is what it is like in this house, although Chad has never ridden on the roads, he rides pillion with Mark and I do not see a difference, but that is something for another day.

So Chad has an on road and an off road bike and I have aged another tenfold as my eyes slowly start opening and I start noticing life going on around me.

Talking about growing up, I was absolutely gob-smacked the other day when I saw one of Clinty's friends for the first time in many years. Mark told me that this boy, Shaun had come to the workshop when I was out and then I forgot about it. One day this guy walked in and said "hello how you?" I just answered back politely and he said you don't remember me do you. A few blank minutes past and I said "Are you Shaun" I could not believe how different and grown up he was. When Mark had told me that he had seen him, I picture this 17 year old teenager and not a 23 year old grown up young man. One thing I must say Clint's friends were all really good guys. They might have been mischievous and naughty at school, but they were genuinely good polite boys that were so a part of our lives. Their teachers might not agree with me and strangely Clint  was good friends with boys that were really naughty at school, but he always stuck to his own morals and never did things against his better judgment, yet those same boys were well mannered, kind and lovely boys who were always welcome in our house. They were not arrogant or show offs, just very humble boys. I wish Chad could find friends like the friends that Clinty had.

Chad All Grown Up - slideshows

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